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One Kiss to Free Them All – Season 4 Episode 6

Episode 6

They would have noticed the weather around the palace get brighter of it had been during the day, but it was night and they couldn’t have seen that. One by one, people started to appear in the hallway like they hadn’t known anything was happening before but that was true, they hadn’t known.

They were the people the witch had dissipated into thin air and now that she was dead, they were free. Valerian scanned the faces for Slade but he was nowhere to be found. The people gasped or cried out in pity when they each saw Valerian lying in the pool of blood. He tried to get up but he couldn’t. He was still bleeding and it won’t stop anytime soon if he didn’t get medical attention.

Just then, a group of guards ran to him with a stretcher and hauled him in it. Slowly, he felt the adrenaline draining from his blood as they carried him away. He kept looking at the tree that was Freya but something didn’t feel quite right to him.

Where was Slade, why was freya still a tree, and why was he still a dwarf.

The guards carrying him were about to round the corner when he spoke.

“Stop!” He said. They stopped instantly and looked at each other’s faces unsure of what to make of the sudden reaction.

“Take me to the tree!” He said.

They hesitated and he yelled which made more blood pour out of his wounds.

They turned back and made for the tree immediately. When they reached it, he asked them to drop him and they did. Just then, something hit his head and rolled off on the ground. He opened his mouth to curse the thing, then he saw what it was.

A green apple.

The witch’s words from eight years ago replayed in his head. “And you shall not be able to break the curse after the last apple has fallen!”

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