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One Kiss to Free Them All – Season 4 Episode 3

Episode 3

He dodged it, and it struck a wall but didn’t stop till the whole of the blade had been embedded into it.

“Leave us alone!” He shouted.

“You are in no position to make demands. How long do you think you have left till the last apple in your lost kingdom falls!”

“I don’t know. All I know is I will fight you till my last breath!”

“So be it!” She yelled and rushed forward. He tried to dodge the hit but she was too fast. She collided with him and sent him flying high up in the hallway, then he fell with a heavy thud and for sure the sickening sound he heard must have been the sound of breaking bones. She made for him again and he tried to stand up but his right leg had definitely been broken.

She grabbed him and flung him across the room. He hit a pillar and broke a couple of ribs.

“You will die slowly and painfully!” She sneered and hit him with her staff. It wasn’t night yet, but he definitle saw stars. She hit him again on the head and a large gash opened, streaming out blood like his body was some mysterious blood bank that could never dry up.

Then she produced a knife out of thin air, and stabbed him in the stomach with it. He screamed like a bitch and the evil hag laughed out loud.

“You will die. I will kill you. And I will savour every single moment of it.”

“Wh… d…….ddd…oo yyy..ou….wwwww….aa..” He stuttered, spraying blood from his mouth as he spoke.

“Ohh.” The witch laughed. “What do I want? I want eternal beauty, the one only green apples can grant me. Red apples? They’re useless. They’d only mask my true face for a day, and then it’s gone. I haven’t had a green one in more than ten years, that’s why I came to your pathetic kingdom. I had hoped you will produce a green one, but your beast of a brother annoyed me and I changed my mind about you two! Yes, I changed my mind but no one is going to stop me now!” She laughed wickedly and struck him once more with the staff before turning towards the tree.

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