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One Kiss to Free Them All – Season 4 Episode 2

Episode 2

“Freya!” Valerian shouted.

“Ahahahahah….!” The witch laughed. “I see you two have something I don’t know of!”

“Let her go!” He growled.

“Ah! The dwarf! Haven’t you learnt anything yet?”

“I said let her go!” Valerian growled again, pointing his blood stained sword at her.

“You dare point that thing at me, I………” The witch screeched and raised her staff, evidently to cast him with some spell but was cut short by Freya.

“Please don’t hurt him, please. Do everything to me, just don’t hurt him please.” She cried.

The witch turned to her. “That pathetic sob of yours won’t save you. You dare still from me and now you are begging me to show mercy to your ugly lover. Both of you will pay!” She said and hit Freya with the stick.

“Noooo…!” Valerian yelled and ran forward but with a wave of her hand, he was tossed aside like he weighed nothing and before his eyes, he watched Freya slowly turn into a tree.

“Freyaaa!” He screamed, but she couldn’t reply. She transformed fully into an apple tree with two green apples on it, and the witch squealed with joy.

“Finally!” She said, bopping up and down like a spoilt kid at the sight of a candy box. She reached for the apple and was about to pluck them when a dagger found its way into her back.

“You animal!” She screeched and turned around till she was facing Valerian. Slowly, her face changed from that of the old woman she was to that of the witch who had attacked his kingdom eight years ago.

“What do you want with us! You have taken everything dear to us but you won’t stop!” He yelled.

The witch spat blood. She pulled the knife out of her back and threw it at him.

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