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One Kiss to Free Them All – Season 4 [Episode 1 – 8]

One Kiss to Free Them All

One Kiss to Free Them All

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Story Title: One Kiss to Free Them All

Episodes: 8

Category: Love and romance

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Summary: An epic story of love and suspense.

Valerian the dwarf was supposed to find the most beautiful girl he ever set his eyes upon and make her kiss him. A kiss that would break the spell that had been cast upon his kingdom him, and a very dear loved one.

Of course the task wouldn’t be made that simple, how would he ever get past a magical creature that he could never make himself hurt and whose sole destiny was to stop him from breaking the curse and becoming the real Prince he once was?

The last thing the dwarf expected was to find true love during such an unpleasant journey. But it wasn’t even the kiss that broke the spell, it was that true love he had rejected.

Episode 1

Valerian stood at the front of his house, heavily armored for battle. He didn’t know how it would end, but he knew that battle of eight years was ending today. First she had taken his kingdom from him, next she took his existence, then she took his brother, and now the only girl who had ever truly loved him. All of that was ending today!

He didn’t know if he would come out of it alive, but he knew he would fight till his last breath. He started to run, but when he reached the tree where he had first seen Freya that night, he stopped. His eyes had caught something. It was brown and long and….. He walked towards the place, then he saw what it was. Hnn. That explained how she had gotten to his field in the first place. Well, it was just perfect for the occasion.

He picked the flying stick and examined it. It was a bit cracked in the middle, but it would still do. He didn’t know how to fly one, but that was the least of his worries. “Freya, I’m coming for you!” He muttered to himself and tuck the stick between his legs. The thing rose immediately, and it swayed in the air as it bore him high into the sky. He found out that it wasn’t hard to ride, he only had to steer himself towards whatever direction he wanted to go and the stick did the rest.

He flew high up in the sky for hours before finally sighting the city. It was noon and there people walking up and down the streets. He would have minded flying over the city at noon when people could see him, but this was a life and death situation now. He didn’t mind if anyone saw him.

He flew over the city to the only place he knew the witch would be, the palace. The palace guards tried to stop him but even as a dwarf, he was no match for them. He fought his way through and when he was done, he stopped and looked around him, unsure of where to go.

But his worry was soon put to an end, or maybe it just started. A brown oak door down at the end of the hall he was standing In flung open, and Dahlia stepped out.

Clutching the throat of a pale Freya.

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