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One Kiss to Free Them All – Season 3 Episode 9 [Completed]

Episode 9

She was holding a pair of red shoes in her hands and was looking at him with expectant eyes.

“My name is Freya. I stole this shoes from Dahlia, a witch who has been ruling our kingdom for….”

Now he knew why the curse hadn’t been broken. That was the answer he sought. He had killed his brother for nothing. He had killed his brother just to feature in her drama. Her appearance repulsed him instantly.

“You evil thing!” He glared. “My brother died for you!”

“Valerian, I….”

“Shut the fuck up! Don’t you dare say a word to me!”

“Valerian….” She tried to say, stepping forward but he jumped back and yelled at her. “Stay away from me! I don’t want to see you ever again!”

Tears clouded her eyes.

“Valerian!” She called, choking on her own tears; but he only fixed her with one hateful glance, spun around and ran off, fighting bitterly to stop the tears that had glazed his eyes from dropping.

He ran on and on, and the emotions swelled up and up till he couldn’t hold it anymore. He collapsed on the prop roots of a tall tree and sobbed noisily. He wasn’t crying for the death of his brother, he wasn’t crying because the beautiful girl had suddenly turned into into an ugly girl, he wasn’t crying because she had a connection with the witch, he was crying because his heart had been broken. He sat on the floor of the forest and rested his back on the tree. Why hadn’t she told him before, why?

Now he understood why the beast hadn’t killed her immediately. It must have been just as confused as he was.

That was why the kiss hadn’t worked. She was not a true beautiful girl. Speaking of kiss, she…..she had kissed him all by herself, both the first time and the second time. He hadn’t asked her to do it, she had done it out of…….

Love? Out of love? He was that ugly looking daft dwarf and she had kissed him out of love!

What! Right from the first day she woke up in his room, she hadn’t recoiled at his touch or ever treated him like a dwarf, unlike every other person he had met. He was this ugly looking thing undeserving of a girl and she had loved him nonetheless. But what had he repaid her with? Rejection!

He had turned his back to her and…… Oh my God, he had left her in the forest all by herself!

“Freya!” He yelled and ran back the way they had went. “Freya!” He yelled again and his echo reverberated all over the forest. “Freya!” He continued to yell, but there was no reply. “Fr….” He stopped abruptly. He was now where he had left her, but she was not there.

On the ground where she had stood were two different pairs of footsteps. Her’s and God knows the other.

“Freeyyaaaaaaaa!” He yelled once more, but he knew it was useless, she had been taken!

Watch out for the concluding part; Season 4: True love

Surely they broke the curse but at what price? Would Valerian ever see his kingdom or his brother again? How did they conquer Dahlia? What broke the curse?


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