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One Kiss to Free Them All – Season 3 Episode 7

Episode 7

They finished their breakfast faster than they usually did on other mornings. Valerian, eager to know the truth behind the identity of the girl, Freya wanting to be out in the open again. Slade had already been killed, the main threat had been eliminated, but he didn’t want her to suspect that he had been lying when he told her it was dangerous to go out. She could decide to run away.

He took a dagger and out they went into the sweet light of the morning. She ran across the field, laughing and skipping happily. It was really a beautiful moment for Valerian, watching her play like that with no care in the world. Her laughter was infective, her charisma was affective, and even her looks were addictive; so, soon, Valerian forgot all about finding any truth from her and he raced her into the forest.

They ran, screaming and laughing, deep into the forest then suddenly, her leg caught a tree branch and she fell but Valerian was quicker, he shot forward and caught her before she fell. She giggled like it hadn’t been her who was just about to fall now.

They looked into each other’s eyes, and the distance between their faces started to close again. Their lips grazed, and a quiet moan escaped his mouth. They hesitated a little before she dug her hands into his hair and sunk his lips between hers. They kissed passionately like lovers then suddenly, she broke away.

“What…….” He was saying, but she cut him off.

“Valerian, I have to show you something.” She said. He saw her eyes glisten, but he didn’t know if it was with joy or with sadness. Her face was simply expressionless.

“What is that?” He asked eagerly.

“Turn around!” She said. His heart skipped a couple of beats. Did she just say turn around? They were in the middle of the forest, no one could see them, they were in a good mood, they had just kissed like heavenly lovers, the air was thick with sexual tension, and the beautiful girl had just asked him to turn around.

What! He had never done it before!

“Valerian, turn around!” She said impatiently, interrupting his thoughts.

He obeyed. Hormones sourged through his body. He was going to have sex with the most beautiful girl in the world!

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