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One Kiss to Free Them All – Season 3 Episode 5

Episode 5


It was the 35th day since he killed his brother.

More than a month ago since she kissed him.

But he was still a dwarf.

His mind had been in a shambles. He didn’t know what to think. Had the witch been lying? Well, the prettiest girl in the world had kissed him till he almost blacked out but nothing had happened. Had he killed his own brother for nothing? He should have known the words of a witch were the last thing he should believe, but for eighth years he had held on to the hope of seeing his kingdom again.

His father, his brother, his friends, the beautiful people of his city, everyone. He missed his home. He missed his true self, but the witch had tricked him. She had tricked him into killing his own brother and now that he knew the curse couldn’t be broken, he didn’t know what to think anymore.

Freya took care of him like she had known him her whole life. She had cried when see saw the extent of his wounds, and she had nursed him back to health with so much care and affection than he had ever seen in anyone. At times, he caught her lost in thought, like his condition reminded her of something and other times, he caught her crying. She seemed to feel his pain more than he did.

He didn’t need her anymore now, but he knew he couldn’t let go of her either. It wasn’t just for her impossible beauty, she had a gigantic core of empathy and kindness and it was for that he couldn’t let her go. She didn’t seem like she was going to leave him anytime soon anyway.

He felt the need to repay her. Maybe not plainly repay her, but he wanted her to know how grateful he was that she stuck by his side, keeping him company, and nursing him back to health.

He knew what she wanted, she wanted to go out. To explore the fields. And he was going to let her. He was going to come clean to her.

There was nothing to hide anymore now!

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