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One Kiss to Free Them All – Season 3 Episode 6

Episode 6

It was a very beautiful morning. Every morning there was always beautiful, there was nothing that made this one exceptional but nonetheless, it was a beautiful morning. It had been fifty days since the incident. Valerian was in the kitchen, preparing breakfast. Freya was flaying a rabbit.

He had been thinking since the day before and the day before that day how he would break the news to her. Just then Freya looked up from what she was doing. Her face twinkling with excitement,

“Valerian, we haven’t had bacon in weeks. Can you set bigger traps when next you go hunting?”

He smiled right back, a lot wider than she did.

“Mind if we go together?”

He eyes widened. “I’m going out with you?”

“Yes. The forest air is very……” He was cut in mid sentence by a hug. It felt amazing.

“Thank you so much Valerian, you’re the best!” She said with sincere excitement.

No, not yet. You just wait till you see my real form. He thought. But the thought made him all sour again. He’d killed his brother and he still hadn’t changed even after kissing the girl.

He hadn’t thought the witch was lying. She hadn’t looked like she was lying. He’d had no reason to think she was lying, every other thing had gone the exact way she had claimed it would go.

He had woken up on an expanse of wasteland the morning after the attack. He had seen paw tracks of a beast leading away into the forest. He had seen Slade turn to human on several occasions when morning came. He had never been able to find his kingdom again after searching day in and out for four years.

And just as she had said, Slade had killed every gorgeous lady he ever thought of approaching even before he got to them.

Then what went wrong?

Could it be the girl? Was something wrong with the girl? Who was she? Where had she come from? Why was she bearing the name of the witch? Did she have anything to do with the witch?

He had to know.

He had to find out!

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