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One Kiss to Free Them All – Season 3 Episode 3

Episode 3

She abandoned the room she was hiding in and ran to her grandmother’s room. Sure as hell, the room was empty. The king, he was in danger!

She left the hallway for the throne room; but when she got there, just as she had expected, the old woman was already there advising her son on how to handle such important matter. Freya’s nose flared. The witch wasn’t going to get away with this.

She opened her mouth to speak, when suddenly the King slumped and fell from the throne. The guards ran forward to get him up and one shouted.

“He’s still breathing! He’s still breathing!”

“Take him to his chambers!” The old woman ordered.

The King was taken to his chambers and various medicine men were called, all of whom confirmed that the king was alive, but he just couldn’t be woken up. He was under a spell.

There were no more attacks after that day. Since the king wasn’t dead yet, a new King couldn’t be chosen and it fell on the shoulder of the King’s regent to rule the kingdom. The regent who was of course his mother. The witch!

There was nothing Freya could do now, she had lost. She couldn’t risk going ahead to expose the witch for the safety of her father. If she exposed the woman, it would be fatal. She knew!

The villagers didn’t suspect a thing, but they kept reporting cases of missing people every single day. Not long, a mysterious white tree started to grow in a room at the far end of the hall, where they usually went in times of emergency. When the woman’s attention was called to the strange phenomenon, she barred every single person from going to that room, claiming it was one of the tricks of the witch and they had to stay away from it to be safe.

Everyone bought the false tale, but what everyone except Freya did not know was that at the dead of the night when the whole palace was asleep, the old woman snuck into the room with high spirits and came out after hours frowning and grumbling to herself.

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