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One Kiss to Free Them All – Season 3 [Episode 1 – 9]

Episode 1


Eight years ago


It was dawn. She was sleeping peacefully on her soft feather bed, dreaming about frogs and dragon flies when suddenly her bedroom door burst open and a maid ran in. Freya jumped up from her bed and was about to call the maid probably the cruelest word in her vocabulary when she saw the terror in the maid’s eyes.

“My Lady, we have to leave now!” The terrified maid said.

“Why? What’s happening?” Freya asked, tossing her warm blankets aside.

“The castle is under attack!” The maid replied.

“Attack? By who?” She asked, perplexed. They hadn’t had a war since her great grandfather was born; and even at that time, it had been only a mere conflict.

“People claim it’s a witch attack.” 

“Witch? What business do we have with witches?” 

“I don’t know my lady, but we have to hurry.” She said.

Freya jumped out of bed and switched her night garment for a less long and more regular gown. The two girls ran out of the room and as soon as they got out, they could hear the shouts and screams of people running helter skelter for dear life. 

They ran down the castle’s corridor, past confused soldiers with drawn swords, unsure of who to attack. They kept running till Freya slowed to a stop, to catch her breath and looked down from the corridor to the city streets then she saw something. Something that made her blink twice as if she was unsure of the accuracy of her eyesight.

Then she saw another one happen.

With her very eyes, she saw a pregnant woman dissipate into thin air. Freya gasped for breath. 

She had to find her father!One Kiss to Free Them All – Season 2 Episode

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