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One Kiss to Free Them All – Season 2 Episode 9 [Completed]

Episode 9

No, it wasn’t real!

He fought with his mind to ignore it. It couldn’t be real. She was dead. The monster had killed her just as he had done to him.

Then the shout came again.

“Valerian! Please help me!”

He knew the voice so well, and there was no mistaking whose voice it was.

“Valerian!” She screamed again.

She was alive! Gracious God, she was alive!

With every last strength he had in him, he rose up like some invincible warrior. This caught the already retreating creature by surprise. It paused a bit, before rushing forward to land the death blow. But it was already late.

Valerian slid forward and thrust the sword deep into its underside. The creature roared in pain and trashed about wildly. Valerian rose up quickly and notched an arrow. He wouldn’t use it till the creature tries to attack him again. But the creature didn’t! It couldn’t! It fell to the ground with a heavy thud and its eyes clamped shut.

Valerian limped into the cave. It was dark inside, but the early lights of dawn illuminated it to some extent. The cave was littered with bones and clothes of which Valerian knew to be women’s; people he had killed.

“Valerian!” She called out from a dark corner in the cave. He ran to her despite the excruciating pain he felt. He ran to her and almost smiled with relief when he saw that she was okay. She hadn’t been hurt by the beast, he had tied her with a strong rope and tossed her in that dark corner.

He killed the other ladies instantly, but she, he had kept? Why?

“Valerian! You came for me!” She asked with wide eyes that were heavily glazed with tears.

Of course, he’d come for her!

He undid her rope and…





She did the most unexpected thing.

She kissed him!

Juicy and mouth watering.

Watch out for season 3: The rejection.

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