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One Kiss to Free Them All – Season 2 Episode 8

Episode 8

And then, they had rested here when he got tired from hours of riding.

Anger surged through him. Slade, what have you done to the girl!

He started to follow the tracks again and it continued till midnight before he it stooped finally, and Valerian was standing in front of a large wooden horse carriage. Foot tracks followed for a minutes before finally turning into paw tracks.

Yes, he had turned here! Night must have caught him there! Following the paw tracks was easier. It led to a cave. Slade had brought her here.

Good job, Valerian!

He felt slight relief at the sight of the cave. He notched an arrow and tiptoed to the entrance of the cave. He was careful not to make any sound and was happy at the progress he was making, when suddenly something jumped out of nowhere and collided with him.

He was slammed onto a tree and he thought he heard the sound of bones breaking. He stood up quickly, ignoring the pain. Dwarf and monster faced each other. He threw his bow aside and took off the quiver, they wouldn’t be of much help now. He drew the sword.

The monster rushed to him and before he could lift the sword, it knocked it away with a blow that threw him off balance. He fell to the ground, but the monster did not stop. It struck him in the stomach and Valerian retched, vomiting blood. He managed to find his feet again after series of blows. Dwarf and monster fought for minutes like enemies at a battlefront.

They kept on fighting for minutes on end. The monster threw him about and Valerian found little strength to pull himself up each time, till he couldn’t anymore. The monster pounced on him and slashed at his body with sharp claws that dug deep into him, while blood poured out freely like water.

This was it, the end! How stupid of him to have thought a four feet dwarf would defeat a seven feet monster! He should have know, that wild beasts were no match for a magical creature created specially to kill. He closed his eyes and stopped resisting and was just about to give in to the long claws of unconsciousness and maybe death, when he heard it.

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