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One Kiss to Free Them All – Season 2 Episode 7

Episode 7

He prayed he wasn’t too late.

He should have been looking for her since he woke that evening. How far they had gone, he didn’t know. But he knew one thing for sure, Slade won’t stay nearby.

But that was no problem at all.

He had been hunting wild animals since he was just a boy. Slade might have the strength and skill, but he had the wit and wisdom. The patience it took to be a great hunter. With his burning torch in hand, he started the hunt.

He followed wheel tracks into the forest. Clearly, Slade had come to his house in a carriage, pretending to be a prince. The poor girl must have believed him immediately with his stunning good looks and regal robes.

The wheel tracks continued deep into the forest and he didn’t have a hard time finding it at all.

He followed the tracks for hours till he reached a place where the indentation in the sand was deeper. As if the carriage had stopped and the riders had dismounted. Just as he had thought, he found footprints but it was that of only one person. He bent down and scanned the area, then he noticed that a patch of grasses not a few footsteps away looked disturbed and ruffled.

He understood that. They had rested there. But why was there only one type of foot prints? Unless one person had been carrying the other! And why would one person be carrying the other?

The other was probably weak, or injured, or asleep or….or..unconscious! What? Unconscious! What had Slade done to her. No that explained why the tracks had led into the forest and not the opposite way. Surely, she would not have followed him this deep into the forest if she had been conscious. He must have knocked her out as soon as she mounted the carriage.

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