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One Kiss to Free Them All – Season 2 Episode 4

Episode 4

Slowly she started the spell. He didn’t feel anything at first, but then a sudden pain shot through him. He screamed in agony and trashed wildly about on the floor. His mouth tasted coppery, he knew it was his blood. He was gripped by a violent spasm and he cried out in pain, wanting to beg her to stop but his mouth just couldn’t form any words.

This lasted for minutes, and by the time she was done, he was sure he was taking his last breaths. Then she bent down and lifted him with his hair. He should have screamed, but there was not the tiniest of strength in him to make even the slightest of sounds; let alone scream.

She lifted him, till he was vertical, then standing, then his feet were off the ground. Wait, how was that possible!

Even when she turned to and old woman, he had still been taller than her. He was sure she hadn’t grown taller, but he didn’t understand what was really happening. She held him high up till they were face to face and she spoke with the most venomous voice he’d ever heard.

“Let’s see how you will thrive with all of that horrible charm gone. Let’s see how you thrive in this body and face. You, you will not be free of this body till you get a kiss from the prettiest lady you ever set your eyes on. Let’s see how you will find that with this body and face. Let’s see how you will thrive with all of that horrible charm gone.

And as for that beast you have for a sibling, the form of a beast he shall take. He will keep stopping the dwarf from reaching the beauty. He will keep preventing you from getting that kiss, that’s if you ever find a beauty to love you back. He will stick a dagger-like claw in their back, and he will watch them die in pain.

You will be the only one capable of breaking everyone’s curse, but you won’t be able to do so till the beauty kisses you. And he shall not rest till he kills the beauty. And he shall take the form of a man by day but a beast he shall be all through the night. And you shall not be able to break the curse after the last apple has fallen. And you shall be lost in the wild, not being able to return here till you break the curse!” She said and tossed him down like a piece of dirt.

He blacked out instantly.

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