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One Kiss to Free Them All – Season 2 Episode 3

Episode 3

“Can you turn around please?” Valerian said.

They heard a chuckle, the first sound she had made ever since Valerian set his eyes on her.

“What! Are you mocking the crown prince?”

“No. But I wonder who will crown the mock prince!” She said with a sneer.

“What did you just say?” Slade asked with fury. “Turn around, you ugly imp!”

Then she turned around, and went for Valerian. Slade tried to intercept himself between them, but she was just too fast. She caught Valerian by the neck and tossed him roughly to the floor. She had transformed from a dwarf into a wrinkled terribly old hag. Just then, Slade sunk the dagger into her back and she screamed loudly with such monstrosity and terror, that made the nearby buildings start to crack.

The dancing party taking place inside the throne room stopped abruptly, and the occupants started to flee. But they weren’t lucky or fast enough. She started a long spell, and one by one, before their terrified eyes, the people started to turn into trees.

Apple trees.

Not only the people in the throne room, but every single person in that city.

Then she faced them. Slade wanted to draw his sword, but her spell hit him faster. It broke his bones and despite the unbearable screams from him, she didn’t stop till his bones had all been arranged at impossible angles.

She turned to Valerian. “You, what shall I do with you?” She asked, cocking her head but not expecting a reply of course. Then an idea seemed to have struck her.

“Yes! Perfect! Would you have treated me the way you did if I was a gorgeous lady in flowing white robes? No, you wouldn’t. But don’t worry, I will make you know what it feels like. Dahlia knows exactly what to do!”

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