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One Kiss to Free Them All – Season 2 Episode 2

Episode 2

Valerian whispered an excuse into his father’s ear who just nodded and smiled like he hadn’t really heard anything.

Valerian dashed out of the hall and raced his brother to where he had asked him to. They stopped at the top of the long stairs of the palace and they sat down there, starring into the gorgeous expanse of the night sky. Just then, they heard footsteps coming towards them from the lighted hallway that led to the throne room.

Valerian looked and saw that it was the dwarf dancer who had caught his attention. He wouldn’t have identified her in the black cape she had donned on, if not for her skin which he had noticed was a lot paler than any other pale skin he had ever seen.

He could have wondered if she was sick, but she danced better than people he was sure were very much healthy. She soon came by them, and passed by them. She hadn’t taken more than five steps away when Valerian stood up and spoke.

“Excuse me princess!”

She didn’t respond or stop walking.

“Hey hi, I’m talking to you!”

No reaction. She kept walking.

“Are you deaf! Didn’t you hear the prince!” Slade said, rising to his feet.

Then the lady stopped. But her back was still turned.

That seemed odd to Valerian, but Slade had drawn his dagger, ready to attack at the slightest sign of danger.

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