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One Kiss to Free Them All – Season 2 [Episode 1 – 9]

One Kiss to Free Them All

One Kiss to Free Them All

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Story Title: One Kiss to Free Them All

Episodes: 9

Category: Love and romance

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Summary: An epic story of love and suspense.

Valerian the dwarf was supposed to find the most beautiful girl he ever set his eyes upon and make her kiss him. A kiss that would break the spell that had been cast upon his kingdom him, and a very dear loved one.

Of course the task wouldn’t be made that simple, how would he ever get past a magical creature that he could never make himself hurt and whose sole destiny was to stop him from breaking the curse and becoming the real Prince he once was?

The last thing the dwarf expected was to find true love during such an unpleasant journey. But it wasn’t even the kiss that broke the spell, it was that true love he had rejected.

Episode 1

Eight years ago

It was a very beautiful night. The moon was shinning brightly in the sky, and trillions of stars speckled the sky like a heavenly black robe adorned with diamonds.

Valerian sat beside his father, watching the beautiful women dancing before them in celebration of his birthday. Actually, it was more than a birthday, it was his coming of age. He was now twenty and could command as much respect and attention as his father could.

Though, he wasn’t the only son, they were twins, but he was the first one to be born. Since only one person could be king, he had been chosen to rule and his twin brother, Slade had asked to be the King’s personal guard. Slade had no intention of ruling or whatsoever, all had wanted to be was a fighter and was more than glad when Valerian was chosen to be the heir.

Though they were twins, they had remarkable and significant differences that made them both suited for their designated posts. Valerian was the handsome one. Not just royally handsome or kingly handsome or that kind of handsome, he was drop dead handsome and had the patience befitting of a king.

Slade on the other hand lacked that patient and though he was also handsome, his looks was no match for Valerian’s. But anyway, what he lacked In looks, he made up for in physique and skills. He was a fighter. A real fighter who could lead men to war, except that there was never a war.

Valerian was still watching a particular dwarf dancer whose skills and flexibility caught his attention, when Slade peeked in through the door of the throne room with an innocent evil glint in his eyes. Valerian understood what that meant, Slade wanted him to come with him. The boy could just never be entertained by things like this, he preferred the wild.

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