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One Kiss to Free Them All – Season 1 Episode 9

Episode 9

His expression changed from that of excitement to worry in an instant.

“I….I’m scared…….. princess, you cannot….. go..out.” He stammered.

“Why?” She asked, pretending not to have noticed that for some reason or the other, he didn’t want her out there. She most certainly knew now that he wasn’t going to kill her or hand her over to the witch, but why would he not want her to go out.

Then it dawned on her! Ohh! Why had she been so stupid! It was because of her beauty, he didn’t want any other man to see her and try to take her from him!

Speak of primal territoriality, that was it. How cute, to have a man fight over you!

Then she blushed. And she was sure he noticed. His expression shifted again from that of worry to confusion, and finally to uncertainty.

But it was okay, she understood.

She’d never been wanted by a man ever before. And even if the first man to want her was a dwarf, it was okay! She didn’t want to scare him anymore, she didn’t want him to think she was going to leave him. Because she had no plans of doing so. At least not anymore. Or maybe not yet!

“I’m scared there are……wild beasts roaming out in the forests out there.” He replied, and averted his eyes quickly.

“What! Wild beasts? During the day?” She asked, alarmed.

“Yes princess.” He replied, still not looking at her.

How daft! She would have noticed that if the thought of having a man to call her’s hadn’t already taken over her senses completely. She would have noticed that he was lying.

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