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One Kiss to Free Them All – Season 1 Episode 7

Episode 7

“Come princess, food is ready!” He announced, but didn’t move. He was waiting for her to go first. If only he knew how much he was terrifying her. She had to leave his house as soon as she could. Probably after eating, if he doesn’t kill her first. To avoid any suspicion, she smiled innocently and went to the table.

The food was appetizing and she was feeling very ravenous, but she didn’t touch it till he did and she was careful enough to cut only from the parts she had seen him cut from.

They ate like that in silence and were almost done eating when he spoke.

“I’m Valerian!” He said.

That caught her by surprise. Someone planning on killing her would not tell her his name with that much twinkle in his eyes, and certainty he wouldn’t have made her a food this tasty. He probably wasn’t planning to kill her, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t dangerous.

She contemplated a bit before deciding to tell him her name; but she couldn’t tell him her real name of course. In fact, she had nothing in mind but one name, Dahlia.

That was the name of the witch that had entranced her father in a sleep spell for eight years. She’d heard people in the city whisper it in fear.

“I’m Dahlia!” She said.

Recognition and something else flashed in his eyes but he quickly looked down to avoid her from seeing the change in his countenance. Not so fast, she saw that too.

What’s going on?, she thought as she put the last piece of apple pie in her mouth.

Who was this dwarf that had the weapons of a full grown hunter, a number of royal artifacts hung around his walls, ate with crystal plates and didn’t seem to care if they broke or not, jumped to attention when he thought she was heading for the door and last but not least, whose eyes flashed red hot with anger at the mention of the name of the witch?

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