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One Kiss to Free Them All – Season 1 Episode 5

Episode 5

He turned around and ran to the small window just beside the door. It was his survey window. He hadn’t used it in years, but now that he peered through it, he felt a wave of slight panic wash through him.

The last time he peered through this window, he was covered in blood and had yelled out into the night that he was giving up. He hadn’t been talking to no one, as you might have thought, he was talking to someone. The creature of the night, his Nemesis.


He scanned the surrounding field for movement, but there was none. That should have calmed him, but it didn’t do much more than slow his racing heart to a gallop. He knew it was only a matter of time before he came. Before the beast came. Before Slade came for her.

He felt anger surge through him. This had been going on for too long, he couldn’t let this happen anymore. It had been eight years, and that was long enough. It had been eight years since he had been trying to break the curse, it had been eight years since he’d kept losing to Slade but now, now it was going to end.

He would never let her out of his sight.

Or out of the house.

He left the window to prepare breakfast. He was halfway through, when she burst through the door with wide eyes.

“Oh my God! Is that bacon I smell?”

He grinned like an idiot. “Yes, princess!”

“I haven’t had one in years!” She replied racing across the kitchen to where he was standing, fighting with all the will power he had not to look at her body. He was usually a man with control, but how could a human being be so perfect!

She sat by the large kitchen table and watched him prepare breakfast. She was amused by the swiftness with which he did the things he was doing. He was in no way awkward as dwarves were, and this one quite had something about him she couldn’t really pinpoint that made one think of a gentleman stuck in the body of a dwarf.

She smiled and thought to herself, ‘Like me’. She looked around the kitchen. Brilliant sunlight was streaming in through three large windows, and one small one she almost missed near the door. Everything in the kitchen was neatly arranged, but it was the number of artillery hung around the walls that caught her attention.

There were so many bows and arrows. Swords and rapiers. Knives and daggers. And even the large shield of probably a soldier he had killed.

Her pulse started to quicken. Who was this dwarf that took her in?

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