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One Kiss to Free Them All – Season 1 Episode 4

Episode 4

All she had wanted was to upset the witch who had cast a sleeping spell on her father, the King for years; not to become an impossible creature of magic. She didn’t know why, but she knew the witch went into that large room smiling every night and she always returned with grumbles and a look of disappointment.

Of course, she didn’t know what was in the room, but she had been determined to rid the witch of anything that made her happy; and so she had stolen the shoes. But this was way more than she had expected.

“Is everything okay princess?” The dwarf asked, looking a bit puzzled.

“Huh, oh, everything…….I mean I’m fine.” She replied, faking a smile.

“Very well then, I’ll just go make breakfast for us!” He said, clapped his hands happily and dashed out of the room. Then he shut the door with a loud bang and Freya jumped.

Quite odd! He didn’t even ask how I got here! She thought, as she paced back and forth in the room. ‘What now?’ She got the shoes, and she was out of reach of the witch, so what now.


He shut the door and leaned behind it to prevent his prisoner from escaping. He wouldn’t quite call her a prisoner, but his heart was doing this marathon thing it hadn’t done for over eight years. It had taken him all his will power to hide his nervousness from the princess and now that he was alone, it almost felt as though he was having a panic attack.

How could that be possible? After eight years of waiting, could this really be true or was it the witch who was just playing another trick on him? He had waited for eight years. Eight painful years of expectation and repeated disappointment and he had already given up a few months ago, then this fell into his field.

Where had she come from? And why was she acting strange? Should he ask her? What if it scared her and she ran away from him?

He couldn’t let that happen. He had waited for too long to break the curse and get his revenge, he wasn’t going to screw the only chance he had now.

Though it wasn’t courteous, and he wouldn’t have done it if things had been alright, but things weren’t alright. He turned around and peered through the keyhole in the door. Just like before, she was still looking in the mirror with a perplexed expression. Strange!

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