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One Kiss to Free Them All – Season 1 Episode 3

Episode 3

Freya woke up with a slight headache. The bed on which she lay felt very strange to her and it smelled of earth. She looked to her side and saw a short brown dwarf sleeping peacefully on a cane chair not far from where she lay. She sprang up instantly and the noise woke the dwarf. The dwarf jumped down from the chair at once and grinned very widely.

“Good morning beautiful, did you sleep well?”

What? Beautiful! No one had ever called her that before. And wait, where the hell was she!

“Where am I?” She asked alarmed.

The dwarf grinned stupidly. “Errr….well, somewhere out of the city.”

“Ohh!” She said and jumped back on the bed.

“Are you hungry princess, it’s just about time we had breakfast!” He asked.

She shot up from the bed. Did he just say princess, how did he know that she was a princess?

“What! Do you know me?” She asked in fear.

“Oh, hmn no. Not really, but well, it’s kind of obvious.” He said.

“Obvious? How?” She asked and looked down at her body.

No, no. Hell no, that was totally impossible. She remembered wearing the magic shoes and being engulfed by a white light, but that was all she had been able to see before the witch stormed in.

“Oh my God!” She exclaimed and jumped off the bed. In place of the tattered old rags she had stolen from a worker, was a beautiful red ball gown studded generously with rubies and diamonds.

Her hair, which she had cut the previous night to aid her in blending in was now so long, that it grazed her hips.

“My princess, is anything wrong?” The dwarf asked, looking amused.

“A mirror! I need a mirror!” She cried and the dwarf dashed for it. In a moment, he was back with a large mirror, and she snatched it from him. When she looked in it, she gasped. Her jaw dropped.

Even before changing into the worker’s clothes when she was still a real princess, she was in no way a good looking person. She was an unattractive fat looking princess who found it hard to fit into clothes; but now, she was something else.

She had the largest eyes and smoothest skin she had ever seen. Her boobs were full and the beautiful dress clung tightly to an impossibly thin waist before continuing in graceful pleats around very wide hips; and of course, she was now definitely taller and the magic shoes stuck firmly to her feet.

“Oh God!”

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