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One Kiss to Free Them All – Season 1 Episode 12 [Completed]

Episode 12

He had been asleep.

He didn’t know he had fallen asleep.

He woke up to the sound of someone trying to open the bedroom door where he rested his back on.

“What…” He had opened his eyes long enough to only see who his attacker was. Something hard slammed onto his head, and he blacked out.

When he awoke, it was already past six in the evening. The event of what had happened before he was knocked unconscious came rushing to his head. “Dahlia!”

He rose up quickly from where he was and a moist napkin fell from his head. He was on his bed. She had put him there and tucked him in with warm blankets. His hand reached for the part of his head where she had hit him, and just as he thought, the place was only a little swollen and it didn’t hurt him at all. So, not only had she carried him from the floor to his bed, she had also tucked him under warm blankets as one would do for a person they cared about, and she had nursed his wound till it didn’t hurt anymore.

Then why had she attacked him? And wait, God where was she?”

“Dahlia!” He yelled and threw the blanket off himself. He opened the bedroom door and raced into the kitchen; but he didn’t have to search anymore, the plate of cold breakfast and the slightly opened door told him everything he needed to know.

She had left!

No! Hell no!

“Dahlia!” He screamed like a mad man and ran out of the kitchen, into the field. “Dahlia!” He screamed again, running around the house and the field with unprecedented frenzy and when it was plain enough to him that she had left, he fell to his knees with bitter tears.

He cried and cried for as long as it took till the sun disappeared in the horizon and only then did he get up and dragged himself to his house.

He shut the door, took one glance at the untouched plate of food and continued into his room when suddenly he stopped. What was that he saw lying beside the plate. He turned around and looked, then he ran to the table and grabbed the paper.

In it was a hurriedly scrawled message that made his heart almost stop beating instantly.

“Sorry for the accident. Was trying to sneak past you but the extra barricade you used on the door hit you, and you won’t wake. I made you breakfast, I should be back before dinner. Don’t worry about me, I’m only off to the city for a dance with this prince. He’s promised to bring me home safely after the dance. I trust him!

Love, Dahlia. F.”

“Noooooooo!” Valerian screamed.

You idiot, that was no prince!

That was his nemesis!

The magical creature!

That was his twin brother!

“That was Slade!

Watch out for season 2: The confession.

What was the curse? How was Slade, a monster his twin brother? What business did they all have with Dahlia? Did he get the one kiss?

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