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One Kiss to Free Them All – Season 1 Episode 11

Episode 11

Outside, the air was cool and balmy. The wind blew across the field with gay abandon, bending ears of wheat and other similar monocots alongside with it. Freya smiled happily and thew her hands up in the air, truly she was thrilled to be out again.

Who wouldn’t be?

The air in the field was just that refreshing, and it did wonders to one’s spirit.

He didn’t want them to stay long outside though he knew it was probably of no help being over protective, he still didn’t want to take risks.

“Dahlia, you have to come this way!” He said, motioning to a large clear patch at the side of the house.

“Can I just enjoy this for a little while longer, please?” She asked with pleading eyes.

God! Her charm was irresistible.

“Just for a little while!” He succumbed.

She smiled and raced across the field. His pulse started to race, and he notched an arrow; ready to shoot at the slightest sudden movement. But he didn’t get to shoot it, she ran back as she had run off and she made her way, prancing like a happy child to the place he had designated for her to do her business.

She was done soon enough, and they went back inside. They ate their lunch and he told her more stories till dinner time came. After dinner, he secured every entrance to the house, both windows and door with extra locks and they made their way to his bedroom.

She slept almost as soon as her head hit the pillow, bit he didn’t sleep a wink. He stood guard over her body, with his sword in his right hand and a dagger in the other.

If the monster thought he was going to have it smooth and easy this time, it was in for some really great surprise.

Sure as hell, when it was around 1:00 am in the midnight, he heard the sound of leaves crunching under weight. He drew his sword and made for the window. It was very dark outside at first, but soon his eyes adjusted to the darkness, and then he saw what he was looking for.

The monster stood far away at the beginning of his field, eyes glowing red in the dark like embers from the deepest pit of hell. It didn’t move or stir and they locked eyes like the leaders of two cities at a war ground, waiting for the blow of the battle horn.

“You bastard, come near this house and I will send you back to hell where you belong!” He muttered. And almost as if the beast had heard what he said, it turned around and slithered into the night.

And it didn’t return.

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