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One Kiss to Free Them All – Season 1 Episode 10

Episode 10

For one reason or the other, she seemed to have bought his lie. She plopped down back on the chair and pouted; an innocent expression that made his head spin around in circles. Whatever it was that had made her decide to stay, he knew it wouldn’t last forever. His lie won’t hold forever.

So, he decided to keep her busy by telling stories of his hunting expenditures and encounters with wild animals. She laughed and laughed, every time he said something funny, and he found out that her laughter was really infective too.

How the fuck would he allow Slade to kill this girl? She was the perfect companion he never had. The one he thought he had eight years ago. He kept telling her stories, and with each passing of the hour, his fear grew.

Every time he had sighted a beautiful girl, every time for eight years he thought today was the day, Slade got there before him and by the time he finished preparing his speech, the news of the girl’s death would have spread round the city.

Every single time. And that had happened four times. Slade had always beat him to it. So what was going to happen now? For he knew it was only a matter of time before the monster appeared to claim his price.

Slowly, the morning dragged into noon and it was time for lunch. He toasted some cheese and made omelette with duck eggs. He was just pulling the wheat bread he had baked out of the clay oven when she said the words that confirmed his worst fears.

“I really need to pee, Valerian!”

He almost dropped the hot tray. Yes, this was it. She had bought his previous lie about wild beasts roaming in the plains under the bright sunlight of the day, but what would he say about not letting her out to do her business.

It was dangerous, really dangerous. If she got out, the beast would catch her scent; and if he did, she was dead. But how could he explain that to her? How could he tell her that she was going to be killed by a savage beast whose sole purpose on earth was to keep him trapped in the body of a dwarf.

There was nothing else he could do, so he dropped the hot tray carefully on the table, and went ahead to strap a full quiver of poisonous arrows around his neck. He picked his best bow and led the way out.

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