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Once A Good Wife – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 3]



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Story Title: ONCE A GOOD WIFE (+19)

Episodes: 3

Category: Drama/ betrayal

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Edna was a good wife untill Frank travelled out of the country for a business trip just to get more fame. He left her with his daughter. Edna met Kenneth and had an affair with him. What happens when Frank came back for his family? Read to know





Mr. Frank: Hello honey just arrived there now {London}. How are you and my baby girl?



Mrs Edna: We are fine. Just missing your absence already.



Mr. Frank: Me too. I miss you both. It’s cold over here. I am feeling like I am in another world.



Mrs Edna: Wow!! I am so happy for you honey. What about your appointment, have you met with your friend?



Mr Frank: He is on his way to pick me from the airport. I will call you back honey. Love you.


Mrs Edna : Alright Love you too.



Mr Frank thought of taking a little walk when he came across this beautiful white lady that caught his attention. Wow!!! This is like heaven. He said to himself….


Few minutes later, John arrived with so much joy that his friend didn’t fail to come overseas.


John is the founder of Zechell Engineeing company ltd. He was looking for who would help him manage the company.



John: Frank! Frank! Na you be this? I taught you won’t make it to London since you’re married.


Mr Frank : My man e no easy oo, before I fit convince my wife to let me come, obob na war, but you know na she had to because i am still doing it for the family.


John: Alright let me take you around and show the new world, my man, Frank. I am so happy to see you again.



They left the airport and spent quality time together. He showed Frank things and places he had never seen before and finally got to John’s house



Frank: My God! Is this where you live?


John: This is one of my houses in London.


Frank: You must be kidding me


John: Come inside the party would start any moment from now. Let me introduce you to my friends and staffs.


Frank: Wait!!!.you did all this just for my coming? Frank replied


John: Anything for you my friend, remember we where friends from J.S.S 1 back in those days. I remembered how you used to help me out with the little you had. Now it’s my turn to do the same for you.



They partied and John introduced him to his friends and staffs. Informing them that his friend, Frank would be his assistant manager starting from that day.


A month later , Frank called his wife to inform her of how things were going for him in London and how he couldn’t wait to come back and spend quality time with her in Nigeria.



Mrs Edna: Oh!!! So now you know you have a wife or should I say you already have another woman there so i am no longer your wife?


Frank: Honey I am sorry. It is not what you think.i had been busy. You know I just got here and I need to know what I am here for and purpose of being here.


Mrs Edna: Here you go again. Always having answers. Feed me with more excuse like you use to.


Frank: Honey, I know you’re angry but please calm down, believe me I won’t and would never do such a thing to hurt you. Never!! Well I called to check on you and my baby girl. I am now the assistant manager of Zechell Engineeing company Ltd. Which means we are rich now honey.


Edna: Wow God is so wonderful. So when are you taking us there?


Franks: i am not sure yet but will be coming back to Nigeria in 2years time but for now I won’t be active on calls because of my work. I would be sending you funds for you and my baby girl. I hope you understand? I also promise not to disappoint you,my love.


Mrs Edna: Alright. I told you money is not my problem. We need your attention, love and care. Don’t you get it? You think money is everything, that’s your problem. What do you expect me to tell your daughter? That her dad went to make money and won’t see him till 2years time? Do as you wished.


Frank: I understand but don’t worry because i am coming back. Love you.


After ending the call Edna taught of something crazy she could do in the absence of her husband. Not thinking of what might happen along the way.


” I don’t have a choice.” Edna thought to herself as she got a plan on what to do. A very big plan that would change her life forever…..


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