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On A Rescue Mission🔞 – Episode 2

On A Rescue Mission🔞

On A Rescue Mission🔞

The rather long thing danced and swirled
Then right before me, dragged out most of her luggage and bags from the bedroom pointedly stating that he didn’t want to see her in his house again! Mum never stopped crying, and in her nudity, tears and wounds, was pushed out into the cold of the night which by my time, was some minutes past 2am! I was too injured to even move a hand so I only managed to watch and shout at dad from where I was lying! That didn’t do much though because mum still left our home as dad directed! But as she walked into the dark night, she never failed to remind me to take care of my little sister while also emphasizing that I should make sure I didn’t continue with my friends; who she said were bad company!
Aunty Edna is dad’s first and eldest sister! My paternal grandparents have three children. Aunty Edna, dad and Aunty Cecilia. While dad and Aunty Cecilia went on to lead married lives, Aunty Edna didn’t. She never got married despite how lucky she is as a lady. She is said to be very choosey and ultimately bossy. But then, she appears to be the only person dad really does ‘fear’ and listen to! Whenever she gets involved in something that has to do with dad, he quickly peddles down, opting to withdraw from whatever it was he was doing wrong. She was the one mum went to when she needed someone to talk sense into dad as soon as his incessant drinking began causing him to stay out of home too long. And as soon as she paid us a visit – which you could call a ‘rescue mission’ during which she spent considerable time speaking to dad, there were significant changes, even though he still resumed sometime later! But it was very obvious that she had a serious positive influence on him. And this was not difficult to pass down to us. The entire family respects Aunty Edna and do take her words very seriously. Unlike Aunty Cecilia who is a lot friendlier and quite a cheerful lady, Aunty Edna could pass for a strict authoritarian and it never did augur quite smoothly between us! In fact, the first thing I usually remember her for, is the rather notorious correctional encounter I had with her when I just turned 12. She had relocated to our house back then for a few months and during that period, I always saw her to be a pain in the butt0ckz. It wasn’t long before we began falling out and on one of those few final occasions, it resulted in her spanking me! She locked me up in dad’s room and gave me the flogging of my life! I was abundantly decorated with bruises and swollen body parts by the time I was freed! I will never forget that day.
Anyways, other than those, Aunty Edna was a caring aunt. She is in her mid 50’s and about two years older than dad. Additionally, she is a famous teacher who has grown to become the Principal of a well-known school in Kaduna. She was basically the one who influenced the enrollment of mum into the secondary school where she taught today and had done so for several other relatives of our extended family. A testament to her popularity is her recent appointment as a council-member of a certain national secondary schools union to which she used to be just a committee head. This further begs the question, how is it that she isn’t being seen by enough men and potential suitors as she keeps touring the country while carrying out her roles? Is it that they ain’t seeing what every other person sees? Aunty Edna is provokingly beautiful! Both by face and by body! She has a finely cut face with alluring lips! Her body is aptly curvy and with seductive ’roundness’ in abundance! Her b0s0m which are natural, are remarkably full as though they are fake and never cease to heave each time she moved! Her hips and butt0ckz are simply mountains, conspicuously sitting on her backside! They beautifully transcend down into her curvy fleshy laps which descend down her lovely legs! She isn’t exactly tall but far from short.

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Her hips and butt0ckz are simply mountains, conspicuously sitting on her backside
She is also not slim but far from fat. She is just of a suitable size for a woman of her age. While I never thought about her in a S#xual way, I still never failed to admire her gorgeous looks and figure! It will keep confounding the entire family, how she went on without going in with a man eventually. It isn’t difficult to accept mum’s stance that she keeps placing her marital demands and desires above what’s realistic. According to mum, many men have come asking for her hand, but she always found one or two reasons to disqualify everybody!
Now back to the story. Aunty Edna was going to come for a rescue mission in our home once more, I was told later! Mum had been pushed out. Dad as expected, vanished again. I was nursing a bruised head as well as a dislocated shoulder blade. My little sister had to move in with my elder brother as soon as I returned back to school. Our home was shattered and abandoned! A perfect situation for aunty Edna’s intervening visit! She had always done so for us, and she was likely coming to do another. Or so I thought. For when I went on to speak with mum, I realized dad wasn’t just Aunty Edna’s only reason for visiting. In fact, I was part of the reason! Of course it shocked me, and when I got the idea in details, I got very irked! Mum had refused to tell anyone that she had been pushed out of our home but instead confided in Aunty Edna her sister-in-law. She called her and told her everything. But equally told her that she was more worried about me than she was worried about her return to our home! Mum told her that she had noticed I was keeping bad company and that they were gradually destroying me. And that despite her persistence and relentless scolding, I still wouldn’t part with the lads in question. In other words, she was now very concerned that her then current absence from home would mean I would be under no check! So she wanted Aunty Edna to intervene. Aunty Edna who eventually accepted her plea was traveling over to our home after securing a work leave, and was going to remain with us (or me, if you like) until I was supposedly rescued from my friends who were bad influence, as they understood. Dad was suddenly the saint, while I had become the culprit!

Aunty Edna arrived about 6 days after mum had left our house. She called me as soon as she got into a luxury bus and asked me to return back home so that I could receive her. I did as she said and late that night, she arrived. She surprisingly appeared cheerful, asking me about my studies and general welfare. I helped her settle in, preparing my parents’ room for her and making her fried plantain and custard for dinner. As she ate, we talked more. She spoke about her sadness with what was playing out in our family. She also expressed how sorry she was for my mum and how she had been supporting her financially since after she left home. When she mentioned dad, she suddenly paused for a while. Then she continued and explained that she had been trying to reach dad for over four days and yet hadn’t been able too. She asked me if I had reached him and I said no; I hadn’t even tried calling him. She chuckled and kept quite. We later talked about so many other things and were only forced to retire to our beds when the candle which had been the source of our light, eventually burnt out. I was rather surprise she didn’t exactly tell me about her mission in our place, which I had already known to involve me. She didn’t say so then.
She only did so the next morning. She rose earlier than myself and was doing the dishes from last night when I met her. Since I was behind her, she didn’t notice my presence until I greeted her. Of course, I didn’t fail to observe how tempting she looked in the shimmering night dress she was wearing. From where I was standing, contours of her butt0ckz globes, could be seen outlined on the backside of the dress.
From where I was standing, contours of her butt0ckz globes, could be seen outlined on the backside of the dress.

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It was significantly brief too as it only just crossed her mid-thigh. When I greeted her, she turned, displaying a deep front cleavage that was brazenly revealed by the plunging neckline of her night dress.
When I greeted her, she turned, displaying a deep front cleavage that was brazenly revealed by the plunging neckline of her night dress.
“You are up already?”, she said giving me a quick glance and turning to face the sink again.
“Yes ma” I replied, taking a quick glance at her exposed legs which were all the same beautiful too
“Won’t you be going to school today?”
“I am moving back to school today” I courteously joined her in the sink, helping her to arrange the washed plates.
She chuckled but then continued. “You are moving back to this place Daniel”
I was stunned! “Moving back here? But why?” My voice was already high. In contrast, she still remarkably maintained her composure, and continued speaking in the same tone.
“You already know. The family isn’t happy about the type of friends you are keeping and we think spending fewer times with them will help.”
“What family?”, I heard myself say, obviously annoyed. “A dead or existing one?”
She remained calm and kept washing the cup in her hand.
“Why don’t you just come out and say, you are here to baby-sit me?” I was looking straight into her thick eye-brows which delightfully prettify her darkly shaded eyes. Even without her make-up, she still looked beautiful.

“You are not moving back to school Daniel. For the time being, you will be going to school daily from home. And that’s final.” she dropped the cup she was washing and picked another.
I felt like bursting open! I was totally livid! Before I would turn and leave the kitchen, I intentionally dropped the ceramic plate in my hands, causing it to break into several pieces as it fell onto the concrete floor! Aunty Edna didn’t react to the fall. She didn’t even look to know what it was that fell to the floor; all to my inflamed fury!

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