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OLA – Season – Episode 8 [Completed]

Don’t get guess anything she said yes, I am very happy that very moment its as if I won a lottery that very moment..

My joy that afternoon was thousandple when anita added me back on 2go she had previously block me,
I quickly accept her request because have missed her so much, its not like I don’t like her too, but she was not around when I started developing feelings for tomi.

Congrats was the first thing she dm me that day, why is she congratulating me, before questioning why shes congratulating me, I replied her thanks.. I waited for some minutes if shes goan send another message but she did not…

After like five minutes I decided to ask what the congratulatory message is all about..
She reply almost immediately, your post utme result na, ohhh. Who told you I question her again, I checked for you when I came to check mine,
I asked again so you choose uniola too, yea I choose uniola she replied along with a grin smile..

That’s great, Whats your own score I enquire.. I score 72%..
Wao Congrats dear.. thank you baby she replied with smirk smiley, I did not bother to reply her
I started preparing for resumption because theres no how they wont offer me admission after scoring over 80%
My love for tomi keep waxing stronger, she was showing me love too but I don’t know its not real not until second semester 100level I went to her house unannounced when I meet a guy with her, wouldn’t have get upset had it been I don’t know the guy, he was one of the clown in class back in secondary school, he was busy strafing tomi when I barge in, I did not bother to lock before entering because I wanted to surprise her with my visit and she did not close the door either maybe because she wasn’t expecting anybody else..

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I left her hostel heartbroken that evening, am almost at home when anita call came in, we are now good friends before the incident happen, shes even aware I decline a relationship with her because of tomi.
Anita.. hello, are you at home ?
Me.. no, but I we back at home in the next five minutes
Anita.. I want to branch and say hi, can i
Me.. if you like
Anita.. which one is if you like tell me if you don’t want me to come.
Me.. ok I we be expecting you
She drop the cal
Now back at home I met her standing in front of my room resting on my door. I greeted her and usher her in..
After like five minutes of silent, bad me I did not even offer her water..
Anita.. mister you cant even offer me water
Me.. oh im sorry.
Anita.. whats wrong with you self, because this your mood is not idea atall
Since I don’t have any othr person other than her to share my problem with, I explained to her how everything happened from planning to visit her un announce to seeing her been straff bt another guy..

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After narrating everything to her the reply she gave to all my Aroye was did you even love me ?
I did not reply the first time she asked because I did not believe what I just heard.. dont you love me she asked again..

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I love you I reply almost immediately..
Anita.. Then propose to me
Me.. propose ?
Anita.. yea
That’s how I started reciting poem I don’t know how our lips lock, don’t know when my trouser go down low, don’t know when I loose the strap of her bra.. I don’t know when brother johnny enter sister puannna.. its when i shoot my load of super yoghurt, that her realized my body has been working on its own .
That’s how tomi let me slip off but thanks to anita she stop me from slipping away..
That’s how our my love with anita kick off

***********THE END**********

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