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OLA – Season – Episode 7

I meet a girl outside, I want to go back but she was facing where am coming from, running back inside we be very childish.. I summon courage and went to sit on a plastic chair, I was chatting jejely, I decided to raise my head when I caught her starring.. she look away immediately, after like five minutes I wantb to stare at her so that I can check her out when I caught her staring again, that was when I saw her face clearly, her face seems to be familiar but I don’t know where I meet her.. but am sure have meet her before.. I am trying to figure out where I know her when I heard a sound, lift my head for third time to check what causes the sound, when I saw this very girl plastic chair infront of mine…
I wanted to say hello but nothing is coming outta my mouth she really caught me off guard..

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The girl.. what are you thinking
Me.. Oh.. Hello.. ‘in my mind I was idiot you cant even greet”
The girl.. hi, how are you ?
Me.. am good
The girl.. am sade.
Me.. am ola ”who ask for name, mumu girl”
Sade.. how was your exam ?
Me.. fine.
Sade.. that’s good.
Me.. yea, thanks for your concern.
Sade.. you don’t even ask about mine.
Me.. don’t know you sat for the exam too.
Sade.. I did, I lined up behind you during the checking.
Me.. ok.
We talk about other things too, we became good friends till she left after checking her result on Friday.

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NOTHING serious happen writing about till that Friday that I went to check my result, wao I shouted when I saw 86%, I check for tomi too, she had 64%.. I dash home immediately.. I did not meet brother sam at home, I packed my load the joy ii have inside cant wait till Sunday again, I dial bro sam Sunday he picked up at first dial, he told me he we be at hour in less than hour, I quickly dial tomi number, I told her her have check for her, after discussing for like two minutes I use that opportunity to ask her about our relationship, I asked if it’s a yes, no or if its still give me time to think about it, but guess what,,

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