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OLA – Season – Episode 6

Wao its past 7 already, I quickly rinsed my face with water(don’t mind me, I should have use pms but 145 is not a joke) before honouring mums call..
Me.. good morning ma, “rubbing my face”
Mum.. So you are still sleeping ?
Me.. I slept late last night ma.
Mum.. ok, go and bath we are going out togethr!
Me.. to where mum ?
Mum.. to obtain your post utme form
Me.. don’t worry mum I we sort out myself
Mum.. no, I insist.
Ohhhh, I grumble and said to her mum did you still think am a kid, the look she gave answer my question I quickly dash out to the bathroom took my bath, get dressed and joined her later.
We set out to the institution I choose to obtain the form, after filling everything she told me as from that day till when I we be sitting for the post utme exam I we be following her to shop..
We branch mr biggs for takeaway that morning before heading to mums shop.

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Everything is going on smoothly my daily routine before the exam is going to shop with mum every morning practice past question and I do chat with my friends on 2go anytime she is busy or not around…
Fast forward to two weeks later, the exam date is here.. my mum is not around, I had to go a day earlier to stay with a relative because my exam time is 7am.. 6;25am, I am already at the exam center..
7 am the invigilators are no where to be found, 8 o’clock same story, thank God they came through some minutes to 10..

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The exam is just an hour.. I dash out of the exam hall immediately, in my mind I am planning to go home back that day..

But when I get home another surprise was awaiting me..

I greeted the bro I came to stay with, he asked how was the exam, I brief him about the exam, after gisting for like 15 minutes I pull off my clothes grab his bucket to get some water from the well outside, he did not stop me nor say anything, not until when am about to get dressed, when he dropped the bombshell, he told me he had requested from mum that I stayed with him for a week. Ohh I muttered, when was that ?, I called her before your arrival…

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Ohhh. I frowned my face, is not like am letting you stay behind for my own benefits,he uttered when he noticed my mood,
Okay sir I replied him, I just want to show you around am graduating this year, so when you finally resumes you wont have a lot a problem to sort.. okay I replied with some relieved.
Your result we be out on Friday, am aware sir..
If you bored indoor you can go outside, I we join you when am through with this novel, since am the shy type, and I don’t like starting convo with people, going outside we be the best option..

I opted for something more casual,

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