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OLA – Season – Episode 4

Her call came in… I picked the call and remain silent I am expecting her to talk first.
**********THE CONVERSATION**********

Anita: good evening.

Me: hello, good evening

Anita: thanks for making my day,

Me: oh… You welcome

Anita: I really appreciate dear.

Me: oh its nothing.

Anita: when are you coming online?

Me: soon.

Anita: alright, dont keep your baby waiting..

After the call..

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Me.. shiior whos your baby
I log in to 2go we chat for close to 2 hours, but the chat took another direction towards the end.. it all started when she asked if I love her..
Anita.. ola!! I want to ask a question
Me.. whats that
Anita.. did you love ?
Me.. yea…
Anita.. but why are you feling uneasy when I introduce you to my friends
Me.. ohh, I Am surprised when you announce to them that I am your boyfriend
Anita.. are you not my boyfriend.
Me.. lol.
Anita.. “Angry smiley” is it funny ?
Me.. yea very funny, are we dating and if yes when did we start dating ?
Anita.. so you did not understand all my gesture since we meet last week
Me.. I don’t
Anita.. you are a fool
Me.. ohh, wao you just labeled me a fool,
Anita.. are you goan deny the fact that you are a fool,
Me.. well for your information im not a fool.
Anita.. you are not a fool, and despite all my gesture you re asking if we are dating ?
Me.. see calm down, its not like I don’t understand your gesture, its just that I don’t want to play a fast one on you.
I am waiting patiently for her reply after stating my reasons, when a 2go notification popped up that anita had blocked me, whats wrong with this girl I let out.
I log out of 2go and dial her number.
Me.. hello anita try to understand my reason… she cuts in before finishing my statement
Anita.. don’t you ever in your whole life call my number again. She ended the call thereafter..
And I love this girl, I let this out without speaking to no one in particular, because am the only one in my room.
I retired to sleeping till everybody is back at home, the night was not eventful, I went indoor after dinner, anita outburst earlier had spoiled my mood I did visit the sitting room after dinner that night, I pulled off my arsenal jersey headed to the bathroom, the shower is already running when I heard the ringtone of phone, I hurriedly rinsed my body and dash out of the bathroom,
My mind deceive me that night, while in the bathroom my mind is telling me the call is from anita may be she wants to appologise, but shii, im wrong, the call is from Tomi..
Haa, why is she calling, I let out asking no one in particular,
Let me quickly brief you about tomi, its because of her that am resisting anita, she is my classmate too.. she pretty but anita is prettier, this girl has been posting me for the last 3 months, I told her I we love to date her immediately after our waec exam, but shes has been posting me since then telling me she need to think about it.
I asked her three days ago which is Thursday may be my answer is ready but she told me to wait till Sunday again,.. but today is Sunday why is she calling ?

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