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OLA – Season – Episode 3

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I got to her street some minutes past Nine, she said the program starts ten, I called her line while waiting for her, I received the shock of my life while standing at the gate, I saw my dad’s Secretary car coming towards me…
I keep Cool and greet her when she alight from her car.
Me: Good Morning Ma.
Dad’s secretary: Morning dear, how are you ?
Me: I’m fine ma ?
Dad’s secretary: Why to ?
Me: I’m here for a friend birthday party maa..
Dad’s Secretary: You mean Anita
Anita show up immediately, she jump on her mum..
Anita’s Mum: Happy birthday dear
Anita: thank you mummy.
Meet ola pointing towards me..
Anita’s mum: I know him, he is my boss son.
Shey he is the lucky guy..
Anita: smiling.
I quickly cut in, No Ma we are just friends.
Anita’s mum: alright then.
She left after she presented Anita what she bought for her birthday..
She did not even enter the compound
Anita: Wao I dont know your dad is my mum boss.
Me: he is her boss.
She noticed my mood has changed,
Anita: are u afraid she tell we your dad, she saw you here ?
Me: no
Anita: so why the look ?
Me: I was wondering why she came back from work to wish u happy birthday
Anita: oh, I stay with my dad.. Mum dont stay here.
Me: why?
Anita: its a long story, they divorced long ago.
Me: tell me what happen.
Anita: did you want to spoil my day ?
Me: no.
She threw her hand around my neck and drag me inside, when we get inside music was blazing loudly, she dragged me to the front of the crowd and signal to the dj to paused the music..
Uhmm uhmm, she cleared her throat, everybody is waiting her to state her reasons why she ordered the dj to pause the song, everybody shouted when she introduce me as her boyfriend.. I was shocked but I had to keep it and flow along..
The party was boom, I left her house around 5pm that day she see me off to the junction where I will board a taxi back home..
she dragged me back abruptly when I wanted to enter the taxi, she kissed me and said thanks for making my day..
Now at home, I am reminiscing everything that happen today from realizing my dad staff is anita mum to discovering anita parent had divorced, to the moment when anita surprise me amidst the crowd and to the last short kiss..
I am planning to log in to 2go and check if she is online when her call came in

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