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OLA – Season – Episode 2

I picked up the unknown number after the call came in the second time..
Me: Hello
Unknown Caller: hello, good afternoon.
Me: Afternoon, Who is on the Line Pls ?
Unknown Caller: so you cant tell from my voice?
Me: pls tell me Who you are, or better still drop the call.
Unknown Caller: Anita Jhor..
Me: why are you beating around the bush busy ?
Anita: I want to know if you have a girl you keeping,
Me: you are not serious,
Anita: say whatever you like
Me: but, I saved your number in the morning, and its not showing your name Now.
Anita: I’m calling with my sister line..
Me: ok, so Whats up?
Anita: nothing much, I wanted to hear your voice and remind you, You my special guest and pls don’t fall my hand.. You must be around on Saturday.
Me: I wont, You Haven’t send the address !!
Anita: oh I’m sorry, that’s the first I’m doing after dropping this call.
Me: alright.
Anita: hmmm, are you on 2go
Me: yea
Anita: whats your Username ?
Me: Otondo.. Add with Number.
Anita: OK, Will you Join Me Online?
Me: I’ll..
She dropped the call afterwards, I Login to 2go, I’m having 3 request, I accepted anita’s request first, she messaged almost immediately.
********* The 2GO Conversation ********
Anita: Hi Ola
Me: Hello Whats Up ?
Anita: I’m good.. Did you get the address?
Me: yea.. Whats the dress code?
Anita: Casual na.. Its just me and my friends ?
Me: ok.
Anita: but I we love it if you can dress to kill, you know you are my special guest ?
Me: dress to kill who ?
Anita: my friends na
Me: LoL, Have Heard u.
Anita: Thanks Dear.
Me: I gat to go, my mum is back
Anita: Alright… TTYL Dear..
I Welcome my Mum and Show Her my Result, She hug me and advice me to start preparing for post utme.. I cut in reminding her she promised to get me some stuff before the exam!!
Mummy: oh, thats true
Me: so when are you taking me out ?
Mummy: Saturday Dear.
Me: Haah no mummy I’m going to a friend place.
Mummy: to do what?
Me: She’s celebrating her birthday..
I know I just won my self few Questions with the she I mention..
Mummy: A She ??
Me: Yes Ma
Mummy: Oya Tell me, Who is She to You?
Me: She is just a friend ma.
Mummy: you never mention it to me you have a female friend..
Me: actually she left my school 2 years Ago?
Mummy: Is She is my daughter in law ?
Me: no ma, you know you are my one and only.
Mummy: if your husband catches you!
Me: I’m the real husband, daddy is just your side husband..
We ended the discussion, Daddy request for the result when he came back, he praised me too, and advice me to study more too. Fast forward to Saturday Anita had called on Friday night to inquire if the deal is still on.. I got to her street some minutes past Nine, she said the program starts ten, I called her line while waiting for her, I received the shock of my life while standing at the gate.

To Be Continued…

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