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Oh This My Husband – Season 1 Episode 14


As soon as he saw the bottle, his mouth opened very wide, but no sounds came out.

He was shocked beyond words.

This was the same bottle he brought home himself.

It was the bottle of anointing oil from that fiery man of God. Pastor Elijah fire.

There had been various testimonies of people who collected the oil and gave it to their number one enemy, as soon as any wicked person drink of this oil, they die.

This particular oil is called “the death in the bottle”. Pastor Elijah fire only gives very few bottles out every year.

Three years ago, my husband brought this bottle home from that Pastor , I don’t know how he got it, we sprinkled the oil on our bin.

There was a mystery animal that usually scatter our bin at night and litters the whole compound.

The day we anointed our bin, three cats died around our compound and the menace of littered compound stopped forever.

This very potent anointing oil was what I sprinkled into my husband’s meal.

Oga, we both know that this anointing oil kills evil people but heals good people.

If of a truth you are not lying, then eat the food and live. But if you are still hiding things from me, then eat the food and die; I told him.

I rushed to the door and anointed the door and chair.

I told him; you touch the door, you die, you sit on the chair, you die. You speak the truth you live.

My husband was just staring at me, his brain was processing the issue on ground.

Then I remembered what Pastor said. He said that I should not quarrel, I should not fight him. All I should do is to give him a nice dinner.

How do I give him dinner when the whole process has scattered? Why did I use the oil in the first place? How do I get out of this fix?

I went straight on my knees and prayed aloud. My father and God, I am confused as a woman. Too many troubles from a man I loved but who paid me with wickedness. I know I made mistakes but help me to be a better wife. Don’t destroy me in your anger. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

I stood up. Packed the whole food from the table and poured it into the kitchen bin.

My husband was still standing, looking at me as if I was acting a movie script.

My darling husband; what do you want to eat. Can I cook for you? I asked him.

My husband was now totally gob smacked.

Joy, I have offended you. I have hurt you dearly. But your actions are getting erratic. This is getting out of hands; my husband said in a truly emotional voice.

He continued; when I married you, I swore to take care of you and I meant it. But I was hoping that God will heal me and I would give you children.

Then we started growing apart every day. We were hurting one another. We were constantly quarrelling. I started listening to advices of my friends.

All my friends had girlfriends, so I joined and started sleeping around. At the same time, I was going from one doctor to another for the sperm problem.

The failure of all medicines made me very sorrowful and the only person I can vent my anger on was you.

Please I don’t have excuses again. I am wrong. Please forgive me. My husband concluded.

I replied him: Don’t worry, I am not running mental. I am only struggling to be a Christian wife.

You can follow me to the kitchen while I prepare you dinner. Please note I won’t put death anointing into the food. But consider this a compulsory dinner between myself, yourself and God who created this marriage. I said.

I went to prepare another set of food. He was in that kitchen all the while.

After I finished with the cooking, my husband came forward painstakingly and sprinkled the food with the anointing oil himself.

It was now my turn to be confused…..

He told me; I have been watching you for days. The more I hurt you, the more love you give out.

You don’t need to threaten me with oil of death, I know for a fact that no man can defeat a woman who uses love as a weapon.

You kept loving me while I kept hurting you. What did I gain?

I lost my prestige.

I lost my job.

I lost my health.

I lost friends.

I lost you.

Is it until I lose my life before I learn my lessons?

I want to make everything right from now on. I am willing to prove to you that I’m not keeping secret from you, not intentionally.

I will eat the food with the oil of death to prove to you that I will be truthful from now on. He said.

I asked him; Ok, please tell me the truth, if you are sterile, how did those ladies get pregnant for you.

He replied; I am confused. Around the time I was meeting those ladies, I was taken to see one baba.

He gave me some concoction to drink and told me my sperm issues will be over.

Anytime I take that medicine, I feel very h—y and would go from one lady to another just to ease myself of the s£xual tension.

So, it’s only by DNA test that we would know the true father of the babies. I told him.

Yes Joy. I am sorry. He replied.

He also told me he was not hiding anything again.

I set the food on the small table in the kitchen and we had our dinner.

I practiced all that Pastor said I should with my own version of the dinner treatment.

After dinner, I said the prayers and as I opened my eyes, I saw my husband’s eyes had changed, he was in serious pains.

He was gasping for breath and fell to the floor clutching his stomach.

Haaaaa, I didn’t force you to eat the anointing of death ooo

He started vomiting blood…

Oh My Goodness, God!!!!!

I am not willing to become a widow, why must things go worse anytime it seems we were making progress?

His eyeballs had rolled, his tongue was out.

I am helpless, I don’t know what else do.

In confusion, I knocked over the bottle containing the anointing of death. The whole content poured over his head.

Ahhhh, finally I have crucified him.

Part 45


He started convulsing and shaking vigorously.

Ah I burst into tongues. I held him and started saying some words of decree.

You cannot die, I refuse to allow you to die.

I shall never become a young widow.

I shall not bury you at young age.

Back into tongues.

No time to check time, no time to call Pastor. Everything happened very fast.

Suddenly he started coughing vigorously and vomited a red small handkerchief.

Oh my goodness God!!!! This is not African magic, this is not Nollywood, this is real life. A w€t, sticky, red handkerchief.

After he vomited, he became lame like a dead man. I was exhausted. I don’t know what to pray again.

I sat down beside my husband who was getting cold and stiff by the second. I held his hands to myself, weeping and singing.

🎶🎵 There is power in the name of JESUS, to break every chain and break every chain🎵🎶

I lost track of time; I didn’t stand up from his side. I just held him in my hands and sang my heart out.

I suddenly felt goose bumps on my skin, I knew another being has entered into the kitchen. I can’t see any human being but I knew.

I felt peace instantly and without any communication whatsoever with the being, I knew my husband was coming back alive.

I called his name five times, he answered like a person just waking up from a very deep sleep.

His countenance had changed. He looked calmer.

I pulled him up, he stood up without much stress and the first thing he did was to go back on his kneel. He was crying for mercy from God.

That will be the first time I saw my husband really pray with sincerity in months.

After thirty minutes of prayers (which is the longest my husband had ever done since I met him), he got up and hugged me to himself.

The first words he spoke to me were “I saw Jesus and I just escaped hell just now”.

My husband burst into tongues.

If I wasn’t here to witness it, I’ll say it’s a lie…..

I wasn’t feeling spiritual at this time, I was tired, it’s midnight. So I called his

attention to the blood he vomited and the red handkerchief on the floor of the kitchen.

I said; I’m happy you are back to life. I was scared just now but please tell me, when did you swallow handkerchief?

My husband looked at the specimen on the floor and replied.

About five years ago, I met one funny Pastor, I told him about my sperm problem. He told me to wrap a white handkerchief around my manhood at night.

By morning the handkerchief disappeared and I thought I lost it. Right from that day I started having s£x in my dreams.

Hmm, seems the oil of death killed my old husband and brought a delivered one to me.

My husband addressed the handkerchief and for ten minutes, he was binding and losing.

Ahhh, the way my husband is behaving after his return from the land of the dead is funny ooo

Me I don’t want to be wife to a Pastor ooo.

My husband turned towards me and said “I was given a second chance, I saw Pastor Gbegbe, (he died two years ago), I saw your Grandpa( that one too is dead), and Jesus sent me to you personally”.

Ahhh, Jesus has gotten my husband. 🙆🏻


Part 46


My husband stated clearly the things he saw while he was dead in the kitchen. Below are his words:

I left my body and I could see you screaming and praying. But I was feeling very light.

A beam of light s—-d me up at very high speed. I was before a golden gate. A book opened before me and I could not find my name.

Automatically, I was moved to another black gate. The queue was so long but the men at the gate were so fast. Soon it was my turn.

I saw my name in the book of hell. Opposite my name were two charges against me written boldly.



No time to defend myself. I was s—-d into this wicked offensive smelling hole. We were so much, it’s as if all the whole earth were there. It was jam packed with so much agony…

By the time the first whip landed on me, it was like being beaten with a wire having 1000 pins. Yet I couldn’t run fast enough to get away, I couldn’t see my tormentor.

I saw Pastor Gbebe, he was also there. I ran to him, surprised to see him in hell.

On his neck was his offense: DIDN’T LOVE HIS WIFE AS HIMSELF…

Pastor!!! I screamed, but you and mummy do wear same material every Sunday. You always praise yourselves on the altar…. Why!!!!

He replied me, shouting, I was not considerate to my wife, I treated her like nothing at home, we have only perfected the act of acting nice before others.

Before I could reply him, I got another whip from that very painful cane. I fled to another side.

I saw many people who had various accusations on their necks, many are in hell because of wrong things they did in marriage.


• Emotional relationship with opposite s£x.

• Disobedience: Un-submissive wife.

• Hatred of in-laws.

• Abuse of children.

• Breaking marital vow.

I had just started realizing that I am spending my eternity in this horror when Jesus passed by.

He was a very handsome light. Purer that white, brighter than the sun. Blood was still on his hands and legs.

He called my name: The voice sounded like ocean, like thunder and at the same time like a mother’s soothing voice.

A force dragged me to him. I could feel his love; it was so much. My legs were like rubber, I lied flat before the Lord.

He told me: I will be merciful to whoever I choose. Out of the millions that died this month, I have selected you for mercy.

Before I could reply, another force carried me into a golden garden. I saw Abraham, Elijah and Paul. I don’t know how I recognized them but in heaven you tend to know everyone.

Paul was the only one who spoke to me. He said; Haven’t I warned that if you are not ready, don’t get married? If you cannot obey biblical injunctions as regards marriage, don’t get married. I tried to warn you all that if not well managed, marriage can lead many to hell.

Before I replied him again, another force carried me and returned me to the earth. I was about to be placed back into my body when Jesus appeared again. He told me that “Tell Joy, she must share her story for the healing of many homes of Christians”.

That’s when I woke up. I promise to be a better husband from now on.


The next one month was very difficult financially, he was applying for jobs but not successful.

We were just learning afresh how to treat each other right.

With the teaching of Pastor’s wife, I knelt to serve my husband in the bedroom.

I praise him for everything he does. I became his number one fan.

I learnt to watch football and I supported Manchester United, my husband’s club.

As I was doing mine, my husband was doing his.

On YouTube, he learnt how to twist and lock my hair, he learnt how to bake cakes and make my specials, Pizza.

I discovered; marriage works when both partners are ready to sacrifice.

One month after the dying incidence, my husband had become stronger and always very visible in the kitchen.

By teaching from Pastor Mrs., I have stopped wearing normal clothes in the house when alone with my husband.

Yesterday I wore n!poles revealing bra with skin camel toe tights. I noticed my husband’s eyes had been following me round the house.

I was told never to move round the house totally [email protected] before my husband. Half [email protected] charms a man more than full [email protected]

Today, while he was washing plates, I stood by him drying them. I was wearing transparent short crochet and Fringe Beach Dress. The kind that leaves nothing to imaginations.

My husband handed me a plate but I was too playful to hold it right.

The plate fell and shattered.

I bent to pick the plate. My dress rolled up.

I felt my husband’s male part in between my legs and w€t hands circling round my chest.

Oga what!!!!

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