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Oh This My Husband – Season 1 Episode 12


She said: I am taking poison now and I want to die, but not here. I want to die in his arms. She pointed to her husband.

Just then she brought out a bottle of snipper, the very strong insecticide and raised it to her mouth…..

She had taken the first gulp before her husband; Brother Accord flew to her. I didn’t mean that, he walked or ran. He suddenly got super powers. One second, he was by the door, the next second, he was grabbing the snipper from her hand and sticking his fingers into her throat to initiate vomiting.

In defiance, she bit his fingers, she refused to open her mouth wider, they kept struggling.

It was evident that this woman wanted to die. This was not a stunt or an act. This was real suicide happening right before us.

Pastor was now praying aloud in tongues. Others had joined in the prayers.

Me!!! I could not pray; I was just transfixed to one point. My feet were like expired items. Very present but useless.

Pastor Mrs. had rushed to the kitchen and was coming with a bucket, palm oil and water.

Sister Accord had bitten her husband’s fingers to the extent that they were cut and bleeding.

Brother Accord refused to take his hands off her mouth while struggling with her.

I thought he was a boxing killer man, ordinary woman he cannot overcome. Now I understand why Samson fell on the laps of a woman.

Pastor for the first time in like forever spoke. He faced Brother Accord and asked him in a very loud and urgent voice.

Do you love her?

Yes, I love her!! Brother Accord shouted back amidst the struggles.

Pastor asked almost immediately,

Do you love her still despite all her errors?

Yes, I can never stop loving her, please Pastor tell her to stop this now!!!! Brother Accord shouted, getting more desperate with bloody fingers.

Tell her how you feel, tell her now, let her hear it, your marriage degenerated to this level because you refused to tell one another how special you are to yourselves: Pastor said with all authority.

Brother Accord started shouting with emotionally laden voice….

I love you; you complete me, you go and my life will be over. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. Anytime I remember I married you, I feel like the luckiest man in the world. I love you beyond your errors and mistakes. I love you beyond anything you might do wrong. Please grow old with me. I will marry you over and over again…..

Just like magic, Sister Accord started crying, she opened her mouth wide and Brother Accord fingers got into her throat, she started vomiting…

Pastor’s wife was there with the bucket on time, she vomited into the bucket and thereafter she was given a little palm oil by Pastor’s wife.

Both husband and wife landed on the floor holding one another, kissing with mucus running from their noses, mingling together, both were oblivious to the world. Quietly but intensively they were both talking to one another.

Love is indeed the most powerful weapon on earth.

Unprofessed love is also the number one suicide weapon on earth….

Pastor was back to silently speaking in tongues and pacing round the living room.

Pastor’s wife was on the phone calling Sister Hamet to come and attend to Sister Accord.

I was shedding tears; love had defeated me here. Love is turning my head……

I admired and respected the wife of the Pastor.

Haaaaa that woman is a real strong woman. She is never one of those Pastor’s wives who focus on vain glory, she is not into fashions, she does not condone gossips.

She is always by her husband. While Pastor is spiritualizing, she will be fluently coordinating other physical activities.

I doff my hat for her. She is truly a Christian role model. The best helpmeet for our dear Pastor.

I have never heard her argue with her husband. She had never ever, ever acted in any way that suggests her husband might be wrong or stupid.

Times when Pastor made mistakes, she would be patient, till she can catch him alone to lovingly advise him.

She is the best way to catch our Pastor. Today again, she had taken charge of the situation perfectly.

Please anywhere you are reading this, clap for all wonderful, enduring, fantastic role model Pastor’s wives.

While all this was going on, I noticed my husband was looking intently at me.

What does he have to say oooo

Or should I swallow snipper before he realizes that I am the only one he ought to love so dearly?

Hmmmm, where is that snipper bottle sef?


Bose, our Assistant Pastor’s daughter was with the bottle and looking at it as if it was a bottle of coke.


Part 38


Bose, our Assistant Pastor’s daughter was with the bottle and looking at it as if it was a bottle of coke.

Hey! drop that bottle now, I screamed.

On second thought, I could have allowed her take the poison, that’s one new wife deducted from the equation…

Haaaa why am I thinking like this, Jesus please don’t let this situation kill my humanity.

Her father rushed to collect the bottle from her, and tried to open her mouth to check if she had taken it.

He was very furious, very agitated. While his daughter was looking at him with raw fear written on her face.

Pastor stopped his silent tongues and started talking to the Assistant Pastor.

He said; since the day you had given birth to this girl, you have expected her to fulfil all the dreams you had missed as a growing adult.

You had pushed her too fast and too far. You thought commending her would make her soft, so you had never commended her efforts.

Right from childhood, she longed for a fatherly figure, a man who would love her, a man who would talk to her, a proper relationship with a father.

But she never got that opportunity, she only had a task master, a colonial master and a supervisor.

She was raped at the age of thirteen right under your roof by her uncle, but you never knew because you had no relationship with her.

She had aborted once, she almost bled to death but for God’s mercy.

Now because she had only been praised by men who used her, she is addicted to s£x as a means of being appreciated by men.

That appreciation is what she never got from you in all of the years she had lived on earth.

Your insensitivity had led to her greatest nightmare and weakness. You have killed the self confidence in a very brilliant and smart young lady.

All the while Pastor was speaking, he was like a man in trance. He was looking forward but not seeing anything physically.

He must have been reading some Angelic manuscript about the life history of the very hippie Assistant Pastor.

Bose was very surprised. It was written all over her face, she couldn’t believe that her life’s history was being recanted by Pastor who knew very little about her.

Her father, the Assistant Pastor was in tears, he placed his two hands on his head, he was looking from Pastor to his daughter to confirm the story, the reaction of his daughter confirms it all.

The daughter was saying she’s sorry, the father was saying he’s sorry…

Even from where I am sitting, I was apologizing to the poor girl.

Now I know that true is the saying that if you don’t know my story, don’t judge me.

I had judged this young lady. I had accused her. She was a devil to me. She was a wayward and useless lady just because I didn’t know her story.

Suddenly Pastor turned to Brother Accord and the next set of revelation started …..

Was I feeling sorry for him before?

Pastor stated:

Brother Accord, your money had been too important to you more than your wife. You never listened to her needs or her wants.

You had converted her to a piece of furniture in your house. She is a very resourceful lady who was brought into your life to be a blessing to you.

But you never allow her use any of her gifts. Everything you have ever given her was for bragging sake. You have been selfish and self-centered.

She had been living in a prison called marriage. She had been enduring you keeping her in a cell called mansion.

Listen carefully, marriage is a union of two persons. Decisions are taken by two persons. Everything you own now belong to two persons.

Each of the person in the marriage must have their uniqueness not tampered with. It is the two unique persons that can come together to form a unique marriage.

Stop trying to force your partner to be like you, Adam was not Eve yet their union was blessed by God.

My brother, make amends…. Pastor ended his message for the husband and turned to his wife, Sister Accord.

He told her:

Powerlessness is where your edge got broken, you are as cold as a pond. The last time you prayed seriously was six months before your marriage.

Your river has forgotten its source, a river without a source will stink and it will dry.

Your grace to overcome sin had dried because you refused to pray. Instead of praying, you took solace in reporting your husband to humans.

Have you forgotten that the bible says woe to him who had made man his trust?

You trusted in men and you ended up destroying your body on the altar of adultery.

Return to your first love, repent from your spiritual laziness, get back on your kneels.

Your stolen virtues will be restored when you go back to prayer…..

Hmmmm, Pastor turned and face me,

Ahhh, I won’t escape this too….

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