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Office Support – Episode 9

He reached out and touched her back, rubbing it casually before letting his hand slip down to her soft butt cheeks, caressing them both gently. He never would dare to put his hands between her cheeks; that was left to fantasy.

But tonight he was inspired. Tonight his sweet, young wife was giving him head, and he was going to feel her up while she did it.

An electric charge shot through Ijeoma’s body as she felt Chidi’s fingers coolly slip into her butt0ckz cheek, brushing the soft, light hair inside and almost slowly grazing her anus.
His hand wandered back out onto her fleshy hips, as though it had never happened. God, she hoped he would do it again!

Chidi couldn’t resist the dark thrill he got from feeling his wife’s butt0ckz. He casually slipped his fingers in again, as though it were no big deal, this time getting a full feel of her anus on his fingertips.

Ijeoma m0aned her approval as she continued sU-Cking him. Chidi slipped his hand into her crevice further, feeling her swollen [email protected] with his fingers while at the same time rubbing her butthole with his thumb. It was a guilty thrill that could have carried him into the next month, but he wasn’t done.

His libido was pumped to the max. His wife had her mouth full of his J0yst!ck; and he was going to taste her [email protected] Gently tugging on her thigh, ChididragIjeoma gently to move herself closer to him.

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That pull was the sweetest gesture Ijeoma had ever felt in her life! He was into it. It was the green light to go ahead and mount him in the most evil, dirty and slutty way possible.
She anticipated the feeling of his tongue slipping inside her, like a tired runner anticipates a drink of water. To be sure it was what Chidi wanted, she timidly flipped one leg over his chest, but went no further.

Chidi eyed her spread [email protected] and felt the inside of her thigh, warm and moist. Pulling on her thigh one more time, he pulledIjeoma the rest of the way onto his chest. Her butt0ckz was spread wide, her [email protected] spread out on his bare chest. Without speaking, he gently pushed her backward, helping her step backwards on her knees until her cute little asshole was visible between her spread cheeks.

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Ijeomabent over her husband, hungrily sU-Cking down the head of his J0yst!ck, enjoying the pre-Pour that was now steadily oozing from him.
In her wildly bent over position, her butt0ckz was just an inch away from Chidi’s face—a very strange s£nsat!on for her indeed.

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The moment of truth was upon her:
Would Chidiyield to this lewd act, or would he have a dislike to having her butt0ckz so close to his face, like she always assumed he would?

Chidi answered that question by bringing his lips to her tender [email protected] and kissing her labia majora. It’s warm aroma wrapped itself around his heart, trembling inside his chest while the dark iron gate of his shynesswas pushed open with each caress of his wife’s soft mouth on his J0yst!ck. His tongue pushed in, seemingly on its own, and he quickly opened his whole mouth to her [email protected], pulling on her hips to bring her even closer to him. His first taste of Ijeoma’s sweet [email protected] lit a fire inside him he had never known, guiding him to lick the thick juice that had gathered just inside, enjoying its salty goo as it trickled down his throat. He felt like he was in an erotic dream, licking the [email protected] of his wife’s twin, the evil twin that did naughty things with him.

This couldn’t be his Ijeoma!

Sooner or later he was going to have to acknowledge that it wasn’t just her sweet [email protected] that was near his face. He had tried to be decent about it—or at least as decent as one could be while performing cunnilingus—but he could ignore it no longer. Her anus was just an inch from his nose, summoning him to know it better. If Ijeoma was going to think ill of him for what he was about to do, so be it.
He had to do this.

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Ijeoma’s eyes suddenly opened wide at the s£nsat!on of Chidi’s nose pressing into her butt0ckz, the sound of deep breathing filling the room. Chidi made no attempt to hide the fact that he was determinedly inhaling her feminine scent. Even though Ijeoma was just out of the shower, the faint, sweaty, barely lingering trace of her butt0ckz combined with the [email protected] scent oozing from her [email protected] to form a faultlessblend of erotic spice. Chidi lost the last of his shyness and buried his face into her, nosing into her [email protected], swinging his face up and down her slippery canal, coating himself in her delicious honey, tasting, smelling, m0an!ng, sU-Cking, and experiencing her dark side as deep as he could go.
He had never been so turned on in his life!

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