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Office Support – Episode 8

Jide had a pretty good idea what was going on in Chidi’s male mind, and wanted to keep Ijeoma ahead of him, like the wonderful lover she was becoming. “Alright, Ijeoma, it’s your turn, baby. Now is your opportunity to see how dirty Chidi really likes to get. Are you ready to get yours? Keep your lips on his J0yst!ck, but turn around and throw a leg over his chest.

Let him experience up close what’s between those cute fleshy butt cheeks of yours. 69 is a magical number, honey!”

Ijeoma listened intently to her instructions while she rolled her tongue and lips on Chidi’s J0yst!ck. She moved from between his legs to alongside him, and continued to sU-Ck his J0yst!ck, but she was unwilling to spread her legs across his chest. She just couldn’t do it.

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This was going further than she thought they could handle. She was willing to dirty up herself in service to her husband, but to push herself in his face and expect him get even dirtier was too much. She couldn’t bear the thought of Chidi suddenly getting turned off by her nastiness.

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She lay on her side, sU-Cking her husband’s J0yst!ck with continued wildness, her Unclad back toward him. She desperately wanted to feel Chidi’s tongue between her legs, but she couldn’t bring herself to force him. Maybe Jide was right, but she wasn’t going to risk anything to prove it. Besides, she was greatly enjoying pleasuring her husband with her mouth, and that was good enough.

Unable to see his beautiful wife’s face, Chidi eyed her fleshy Unclad butt0ckz as it lay in full view. Ijeoma had taken the privilege of putting the sexiest parts of his body in her mouth, but he had yet to seize the same opportunity.

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For four years, he had been afraid to suggest that he might enjoy something as bad as putting his mouth on Ijeoma’s warm [email protected]

It was just something that a decent girl like her wouldn’t want.

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