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Office Support – Episode 3

While she daydreamed away, her work problems weren’t fixing themselves. Ijeoma needed to get her mind in gear if she was going to go home before midnight. She pulled out her phone and relieved some tension by sending a message to Chidi, “I luv you.” She put her phone away and got down to business.

Despite her distractions, Ijeoma managed to answer few phone calls by six o’clock.

The wetness in her [email protected] continued, even when she drove home, prompting Ijeoma to remove them at a red light to get some relief from the uncomfortable dampness. But the thought of not wearing any underwear in public was a turn-on in itself, and soon Ijeoma could feel the wetness building again.

She hoped to find Chidi home when she arrived, anxious to be close to him, to give him a little taste of naughty Ijeoma. But he had worked late that day too, having been in meetings all day, disrupting his usual routine. His phone had rang at a quiet moment while in a committee meeting, reminding him he forgot to silence his phone. Pulling it out of his pocket, he read the sweet message Ijeoma had sent, but couldn’t reply. It was odd of her to send such an unnecessary, over-emotional message during the day. Normally she would have said something like, “Pick up some milk.” But today it was “I luv you.”

It felt good to read it, and made Chidi want to be home more than ever. One little message got the wheels turning in his head.

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They hadn’t been intimate together for more than a week, their hectic schedules simply not permitting any time to do anything other than sleep when they went to bed. Chidi made it point to find time for them tonight.


He arrived home to find Ijeoma’s car in the garage. He couldn’t wait to kiss his pretty wife.

Ijeoma considered giving him a nice French kiss on their greeting, setting the loving mood for some fun that night, but as her mouth approached his, she stiffened and gave him nothing more than their usual peck on the lips.

It would have seemed odd to show affection so early in the evening.

“How was your day?” he asked, hanging up his jacket in the wardrobe.

“It was a jungle!” she said, focusing on the afternoon and avoiding the mention of their slow morning. Telling him she had a sexually charged lunch with her flirtatious co-worker would not be a good start to the conversation. “The stockswere down half the afternoon, but we got prevented full crash.”

“Oh good,” he replied. “I know it is not good when everything breaks at the wrong time.”

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Their daily greeting was already headed down its normal dull path and she knew they needed to change course. Ijeoma decided to plant the lovemaking seed in her usual way. “Are you, uh, busy later?” she asked, hooking a finger in his belt loop and kissing him gently. It was their little code for letting the other know they were in the mood.

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Chidi looked at her with a smile, happy that they were on the same wavelength. He was pleased to answer that he was free. Ijeoma smiled back and went to the kitchen to warm some leftover spaghetti for dinner. Still wearing no [email protected], she enjoyed the feeling of her skirt rubbing on her bare butt0ckz. She hoped Chidi didn’t notice that her [email protected] line was gone.

All that Chidi had noticed was how amazing she looked today. He replayed in his head Ijeoma touching his waist as she subtly asked him for s*x. He could still smell her breath, taste her lips, and feel her soft breasts briefly press against him. It wasn’t even bedtime yet and he already wanted her!

“You look really pretty today,” Chidi said on instinct while they ate their dinner. He didn’t know why he would tell her that today over any other day. She always looked really pretty to him. He felt he didn’t tell her enough anyway.

He watched her a few seconds while she ate.

Something was different. Was it the little smile she was wearing this evening? Was it the cute way her hair was hanging more to one side than usual?

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“What?” Ijeoma finally giggled when she could take his staring no longer.

Chidi shrugged, embarrassed. “I don’t know. You look like you had a good day.”

“Eh, it was okay,” she lied. At that moment, she knew she would tell Chidi at some point about the friendship she shared with Jide—just not tonight. This was a night to reap the benefits of their enlightened conversation, not spoil them.

After dinner, Ijeoma went to the bathroom to freshen up and decided that a shower was what she really needed, considering all the moisture her [email protected] had been generating for most of the day. She started the hot water and looked at herself in the mirror, turning around and looking over her shoulder to see how she looked without the [email protected] line. She liked what she saw, but didn’t think she could go without [email protected] all the time. Maybe just with this skirt, she thought. She unzipped the skirt and watched it slide off her hips, immediately exposing her Unclad lower half to the mirror.

She turned around again and looked at her Unclad butt0ckz. Jide knew what he was talking about; it was just right. She was actually pretty happy with her butt0ckz. She hoped Chidi was happy with it. He generally didn’t directly compliment her on her body.

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