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Office Support – Episode 13 [Completed]

The feeling of Chidi’s J0yst!ck Bleeping hard into her butt0ckz felt more incredible than she could have ever imagined! She reached down and touched her cl!toris. “Oh…my…” Ijeoma tried to be loud, but the intense s£nsat!ons inside her were taking her breath away. She could only m0an in her extreme joy. Rarely did their normal s*x bring her to orgasm.
She didn’t know for sure why, but their normal, not-so-exciting way of making love just didn’t seem to turn her on.

But as she made contact with her [email protected], her butt0ckz being pounded by Chidi, a delicious s£nsat!on immediately swept over Ijeoma that she’d never experienced before. She rubbed harder; matching the stimulation of her cl!t to the pounding she was receiving, m0an!ng quietly, but as loud as she could m0an, a climax beginning to explode deep in her belly.

Jide was lost in the moment, listening to the two lovers discover each other’s long-hidden desires. He masturbated quietly as he checked in with Ijeoma one more time. “I can tell you’re enjoying it, Ijeoma. The pain has been replaced with intense pleasure, hasn’t it?

You’re an amazing woman to do this for your man, but you know you’re really doing it for you. You’ve done an incredible thing for both of you. I don’t know what else I can offer.”

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“Come for me,” she said.

The words were music to Chidi’s ears, as he was well on his way to orgasm.

“Are you ready?” both men asked at the same time.

“Yes, come for me, right now,” she begged, resuming her b0s0m-down position and laying the side of her face on the bed. Her m0ans increased in volume and frequency as she thought of the two men shooting their Pour for her—one discharging into the air and all over himself, and the other into her butt0ckz. It was the hottest thing she’d ever had happen to her, and her orgasm rushed to the surface in a surge at the thought of it. Her hand excitedly rubbed her cl!t as her climax began deep inside.

It was an orgasm unlike any she’d ever felt before, like her usual peak was now merely a land on the way to a much higher pinnacle, hidden from view normally, now only discoverable by the less travelled anal s*x.

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Her oppressed m0ans suddenly gained volume to orgasmic screams as the beautiful rush of her libido overwhelmed her entire body, inside and out. The feeling was electric! She felt different, dirty, slutty, beautiful—and loved.

Chidi could feel Ijeoma’s sporadic climax through the walls of her rectum, and readily released his Pour into her slippery butt0ckz, m0an!ng as loud as Ijeoma was, and pumpingspray after creamy spray of his semen into her virgin hole.

“I’m coming for you, Ijeoma!

I’m coming,” Ijeoma heard Jide say in her ear as she felt the thrill of Chidi’s ejaculation in her sensitive rectum.

Jide tried to scream his orgasm for Ijeoma’s benefit. “Wow!” he let out, finally releasing several goo of Pour onto his belly, stroking out his J0yst!ck with the couple’s voices m0an!ng in his ear.

Chidi’s thrusting slowed in sync with Ijeoma’s manual stimulation, until they were at last holding still, except for their heaving chests as they caught their breath. Ijeoma could hear Jide breathing in her ear, just as labored as hers and Chidi’s. The three were silent for a couple of minutes while they recovered from what would be one of the most memorable S#xual encounters they would ever experience.

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At last Chidi very slowly pulled out of Ijeoma and lay down on the bed next to her, kissing her gently. It felt good to kiss her lovingly after the Bleeping he had just given her. s*x would never be the same for them again, their shynesscrushed out of existence by their bold taking of each other in seemingly reckless abandon. Chidi would never know the gift his wife gave him tonight was lovingly wrapped by another man, her s*x coach, his advocate.

It didn’t matter. The loving future that lay ahead of them was theirs alone.

“I love you,” Chidi said to her, beginning to doze off to sleep.

“I love you,” she said, her arms wrapped around him.

“I love you,” she said, her arms wrapped around him.

Jide felt like a proud lecturer who had just handed two students their degree.

“Tell Chidi I love him too,” said Jide with a chuckle. He ended the call and flung the phone on his bed, smiling to himself.

*The End*

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