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Office Support – Episode 11

Ijeoma wasn’t sure about what she was getting into. She hoped she could do it, and she hoped Chidi could too. She was really wet and responsive back there and felt like she could take it. She wanted it. She wanted to feel Chidi’s J0yst!ck stretch her butt0ckz to get inside, to feel his cockdig into her, knowing it would be the tightest F**K he ever had!

“Here’s how you get started. Take it slow.

Reach back and finger your butt0ckz.
Tease yourself a little and let him watch you.”

Ijeoma’s butt0ckz was sticking out in full view of Chidi, who hadn’t taken his eyes off it since they began their current position. Her anus was pretty and dark red, displayed in her current position, slightly opening from the stress of sticking so far out. Chidi watched Ijeoma’s hand reach around to her butt0ckz and, to his delight, begin rubbing her little anus. She let all her fingertips come in contact with it, spreading her cheeks still wider, as though she were trying to turn it inside out.

“Oh, Ijeoma!” Chidi exclaimed so loudly that Jide could clearly hear him. Chidi had been concentrating on holding off his orgasm while Bleeping Ijeoma in that sacred position, and was succeeding until she started touching her butt. He had to stop thrusting to keep from Cumming. Staying inside her, he watched her tease her tight hole with her middle finger, rubbing it in a circle and pushing gently, slightly spreading the anus to get her fingertip in. She reached down and scraped some liquid off his J0yst!ck, still buried in her wet [email protected], and spread it across her anus, lubing it up immediately and inviting her finger to push in.

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Into the first knuckle she went and stroked gently. She rolled up some more [email protected] juice on the side of her finger and slipped it in again, this time to the second knuckle. She m0aned lightly at the new s£nsat!on. She was already feeling more confident in her ability to take Chidi’s J0yst!ck. But she wasn’t ready yet, and Jide knew it.

“Chidi stopped to watch you finger yourself abi? There’s just no bigger turn on than watching a pretty girl do that to herself!

On to the next step, Ijeoma. You need to get two fingers in there. It might hurt a little at first, so soak it up good.”

Ijeoma gently pushed Chidi out of her, jerking his J0yst!ck as it came out and taking as much slippery wetness as she could gather into her palm. Spreading it all between her cheeks, she immediately dipped her middle and ring fingers into her anus, almost to the second knuckle.

Ijeoma sighed loudly. It did hurt a little.

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She pressed on, twisting her fingers slowly in and out several times, getting used to the s£nsat!on, and gradually opening up her tight hole. The stretching pain stopped her fingers half way before she pulled them out and thrust them in again. Over and over she F***ed her butt0ckz, her fingers slowly gaining further entrance with each push. Soon her two fingers were all the way in.

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Chidi tried to understand what could possibly be driving Ijeoma to do something so provocative as fingering her butt0ckz right in front of him, but he didn’t need to understand. All he really wanted to know was what her butt0ckz felt like from the inside.

He dipped two fingers into her [email protected] and scooped the wetness up to her butthole.

Ijeoma removed her fingers and Chidi immediately replaced them with his own.

He went slowly, since his fingers were bigger than Ijeoma’s. Her rectum was silky smooth and wet as an aroused [email protected]

“Oh gawd, baby!” she exclaimed. “Finger my butt0ckz good, okay?”

“Good boy, Chidi,” said Jide. “I think he’s onboard, Ijeoma! Talk him up, baby; be his dirty little Sl*t. This is the hottest thing that’s ever happened to him.”

“You like fingering my butt0ckz, don’t you, baby?” she asked her husband.

“Uh huh,” he grunted.

“Push your fingers all the way in. Yeah, easy, baby, all the way. Do you like how it feels inside?”

“Uh huh.” Chidi was so turned on he could barely express himself.

“Is there anything else you’d like to put in there?” she asked sweetly, her voice very high.

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“Uh huh.” Chidi attempted to push two fingers in all the way to the last knuckle.

Ijeoma breathed in and m0aned uncomfortably. He withdrew and attempted again, slower. He was reading her, letting her guide him. Their nonverbal communication was at an all-time exciting level, and Chidi was starting to feel what she felt. He felt like a skilled lover!

He continued Bleeping her with his fingers, watching her little anus gradually loosen up.

He spread his fingers slightly, stimulating a m0an from Ijeoma—a m0an of pleasure, not of pain. Chidi let a drop of spit fall from his lips into her butt0ckz, mixing with the juices already inside, continuing the wet stroking.

He couldn’t believe what they were about to do!

“I’m ready for you, baby. Are you ready to F**K my butt0ckz?”

“Oh god, baby! I can’t believe we’re going to do this!” Chidi exclaimed. “I love you so much!”

“I love you too, baby! Go easy on me, okay?”

Jide was feverishly stroking himself, listening to their exchange. “Oh my god, you ‘shildren’ are adorable!” He stopped stroking to get serious for a moment. “Now listen, Ijeoma.

The key for you is to relax. Let every muscle in your body go lifeless, inside and out.

Allow yourself to be taken over completely.
Tell him again to go easy, and relax!”

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