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Office Support – Episode 10

Jide had kept quiet, listening to the sounds of Ijeoma’s lips on a hard J0yst!ck, waiting for a sign that they were progressing down their prescribed path. A m0an from Ijeoma, followed by a high-pitched scream told him that her [email protected] was once again being stimulated.

Her voice was like a violin tune caressing his ear. He closed his eyes and stroked his J0yst!ck, keeping mute, allowing the two lovers to progress naturally for a while.

Ijeoma m0aned into her headset as Chidi’s tongue rapidly slipped in and out of her [email protected]

She sat back onto his face even further, choking him with her weight, enjoying the dark feeling of pushing her butt0ckz onto his nose.

“You two are so hot, Ijeoma! I love to listen to you while he makes love to you with his tongue. You know s*x will never be the same for you now. Chidi has discovered the dirty side of his beautiful little bride, and he’s going to need more.”

Ijeoma m0aned louder for both men, all self-consciousness thrown out the window.
She was in the middle of the most erotic moment of her life. All options were on the table; she would do anything to satisfy Chidi at that point.

“Do you like that baby?” she asked.

“Mm hmm” came Chidi’s soft response.

“Do you like how I taste?”

Chidigroan loud into her [email protected], signaling his delight. Dirty s*x, now improved with dirty talking was perfection. He couldn’t get enough of her! He didn’t know how this encounter became so unbelievably erotic, but he was thankful Ijeoma had led him down this path. His sweet and modest wife had become damn s*xy** right before his eyes.

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“How do I taste?” she asked eagerly.

“Like an angel,” he said, pulling his mouth from her [email protected] long enough to answer.

The raw s*x had been going on for so long that they both were feeling a need for some loving.

Ijeoma pulled away from him and turned around. Chidi got up to his knees to meet her.

They kissed gently, tasting each other and themselves.

“I love you,” she said to him before slipping her tongue deep into his mouth. She kissed him, rubbing her face on the wetness that had accumulated on his, tasting her own juice, pushing her desire beyond what she had thought were the limits.

It was as though they were just beginning tofu-Ck. They kissed excitedly, their loving thirst for each other finding its most delightfulheight with the naughty taste of their wanton lust in their mouths.

But the kissing only reminded Ijeoma that they had stopped their real lovemaking. She needed him inside her, right now.

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Ijeoma abruptly turned around and bent her upper body down onto the bed, forcing her round butt0ckz in the air in front of Chidi, her swollen p**symotioning him for re-entry.

Chidi quickly got behind her and slipped his dripping J0yst!ck into her saliva-coated [email protected], immediately Bleeping her rapidly. The slapping sound from flesh hitting flesh filled the room.

Ijeoma’s bouncing m0ans from getting pounded by her husband hintedJide that they had abandoned blowjobs and were Bleeping again. He stroked himself as he listened to the beautiful s*x sounds.

“Ijeoma, what position are you in? Are you doing mish?” There was no answer, only her continued loud m0an!ng. “Did you get on top again?” Still he heard no response. Jide desperately hoped for an affirmative answer to his next question. He took a shaky breath and asked, “Is he behind you?”

“Mmmm hmmm”

Jide m0aned softly into the phone.

They had moved on without his assistance.
He listened to Ijeoma’s heavy breathing with renewed interest, picturing her on her knees, boobspressed into the mattress, her bouncy butt0ckz high in the air, Chidi smoothly Bleeping her sweetp**sy.

Ijeoma was much more audible now than she had been when they first started, clearly free of shyness. She had come such a long way in a short time! It was obvious these two had it in them; they just needed a little persuading to allow their deep lustful desires to find the surface.

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But, there was one act they had yet to do.
It was dirty beyond what either of them had experienced thus far. He doubted the likelihood they would go through with it, even in their heightened arousal. But he had to try.

There was no better time than right this second.
“Ijeoma, I have one more suggestion for you.

You have to be in the right mood, so if you don’t want to, I won’t pressure you.
Do you know what the final erotic boundary for your husband is? Do you know what his deepest, most secret and guilty desire is?

It might be the same as yours. It’s to bury his J0yst!ck in your sweet fleshy butt0ckz. He’s secretly fantasized about it many times.

You know he’s never tried it with you because he would never want to harm his fragile bride. But he’ll do it at a moment’s notice if you give him the green light. Do you want to try?” He prepared to wait on the certain silence that would signify a negative answer.

“Mmmm hmmm,” Ijeomacraftily declared.

Jide couldn’t believe his ears. “Oh, Ijeoma!

You’re going to make two men very happy!”

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