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Off Chance – Season 1 – Episode 5 [Completed]

Episode 5:

For a moment, she doesn’t know what to say. Her every hope has come to fruition, her every desire is now real. Then she gives him a mischievous grin and kisses his lips before saying, “Well you can start by making love to me until I can’t walk any more.”

Rolling around on the bed with him, laughing, giggling, touching, caressing. He was like the best Christmas present a girl could ever have, and now he was completely unwrapped. His strong arms, manly body, his soft skin, firm muscular frame, all over her. And his hardness, brushing against her, promising so much to her while revealing his own thrill to be lying there with her.

Kissing, touching, his hands holding her lace-covered waist, then her bare behind, then her lace-covered breasts, teasing her hard nipples, then sliding down over her nylon-clad legs.

“You feel so good,” he says quietly, breathing in deeply, inhaling her perfume.

“That’s because you’re making me feel so good,” she replies, wrapping her fingers around the long shaft of his erect cock, squeezing him until he lets out a low moan of pleasure.

“I know how to make you feel better,” he says with a flash of his eyes.

“Oh yeah?” she grins, “does it have anything to do with this?” and she moves his hand from her breast, pushing it down her flat belly to the hot wetness between her legs.

“It might do,” he nods, the slithers down tantalisingly slowly so that his chin is resting gently on the very centre of that hot wetness. Exactly where it’s been throughout her waking thoughts for almost the entire day.

“Oh Rick…” she whispers, running her fingers through his hair.

He runs his mouth and nose over her soaking mound and she can feel his touch through her underwear, tracing circles across her throbbing pussy. She feels faintly dirty, but in a good way, knowing that he’s breathing in the scent of her arousal and loving every minute of it, he’s focussing such exquisite attention on her and it’s only going to get better.

“Oh please…” she moans as she feels his mouth open and his heat press against her receptive pussy, his tongue tracing along her juicy groove.

His strong arms clamp around her thighs as he nudges aside the saturated black lace and kisses her bare labia, his nose pressing into her pubic hair.

“My God, that’s nice…” she murmurs, but that’s the last thing she says for a while because the moment completely envelopes her consciousness as he French-kisses her pussy, his sensational tongue slipping inside her smouldering vagina, his lips gliding over her clit.

He gets her going, then moves away, kissing around her outer labia and rubbing his face in the triangle of fur on her mound, then drifting back to stoke her fires again and lap up her profusion of juices. He’s like a great conductor guiding an orchestra of sensations between her thighs, building up the passion then allowing it to subside before drawing it to an even greater height.

She’s rocking and writhing and his head is still there, locked between her thighs and he’s lapping away at her pussy like a man possessed. Before long, she feels like a small ship in the middle of a typhoon, with no control over where she is taken. Rolling and pitching, the waves of ecstasy swirling and boiling around her, soaking her decks. Then the mightiest wave of all approaches, and she’s climbing, climbing, climbing. The force when it hits her is like nothing she’s ever known.

She’s holding his head in her hands, pulling him to her as his tongue delves between her pussy lips and she’s coming ferociously, bathing his face in her juices, groaning, whimpering, hyperventilating as the orgasm claims her.

And at last, the storm fades, and she’s left to limp into port, a virtual wreck now.

“Are you okay?” he asks her as he slides up by her side and cuddles her, spooning her as she recovers, holding her close, making her feel wonderfully protected and safe.

“Fine,” she says breathlessly. “Fine.”

“When you said make love to you until you can’t walk…” he reminds her, teasing her.

“I can walk! I can walk!” she insists, still unable to get her breath back.

“Oh good,” he says, and she presses her behind against him, his hard cock burning against her cheeks.

She feels him lean over and reach for something on the bedside table, then he’s rustling something.

“No, wait,” she says, ”I want to feel you inside me. I want to feel you. Without one of those.”

“Well, I suppose…”

“Just don’t finish inside me.”

So he leaves the condom where it is for now, and she’s positioning his cock at the entrance of her vagina, then pushing back to force him inside her. His length glides inside her tight pussy and he’s filling her. His cock so hard but so velvety against her responsive vaginal walls.

There’s not too much movement between them for a little bit, they’re just comfortable like that, connected, joined as one. His hand reaches around to stroke her breasts, pinch her stiff little nipples. His penis stirs within her as he nuzzles into her neck. She can’t help but groan again, it’s all so much. Then his hand touches her clit, and yet more electricity floods through her network.

Episode 6:

Their writhing grows more forceful, but as another climax approaches, she’s desperate to look into those beautiful eyes of his when it hits. She almost jumps up, forcing him onto his back so she can straddle him, slipping down on his cock so that it fills her tightness once again.

And she’s fucking the most wonderful man in the world, his cock squeezed inside her vagina, looking into his eyes as both of them build towards the most powerful orgasm yet. His powerful hands clasp her waist and help to perfect her rhythm. Then he slips the straps on her teddy over her shoulder and takes one of her hard nipples into his hot mouth. He grips her behind as she grinds her clit against his crotch, and the intense sensations build towards another stupendous explosion.

“I’m coming,” he says, warning her, and it would have been nice to come with him, but she can’t.

“Wait,” she says breathlessly, “Wait for me to – “

She rolls over with him still inside her, so he is on top, between her legs.

“Fuck me!” she pleads, and doesn’t care any more if he comes inside her or not, just so long as he fucks her good and hard. She’s not disappointed. His mouth enveloping her other nipple now, he pumps into her, his cock stretching her, filling her even as her pussy tightens further still around that irresistible shaft as she hits her peak again.

And her second orgasm of the night rocks her world.

She’s lying back catching her breath again, and she realises he hasn’t come, his cock is still hard and he’s not released his seed inside her.

“Did you…?” she asks. He shakes his head. “Good boy!”

She pulls him down to kiss his lips. If she’d been a man, she feels almost certain she wouldn’t have been able to contain herself in such a situation. But now it’s clear to her that her Rick needs release.

“I want you to come in my mouth,” she whispers into his ear, smiling when she sees his look of pleasant surprise.

He withdraws from her, collapsing down onto his back beside her, although she’s not there beside him for long. Exhilarated beyond measure, she slides down between his thighs. His big, beautiful cock is glistening with her juices, but nevertheless she wants it inside her mouth. She wants to be close to it, she wants to worship it with her lips, swirl her tongue around its sensitive hood.

She kisses her way up his shaft before enveloping it in her hot mouth, and it’s a little strange tasting herself on his cock. But that’s not important now. The only thing that matters is giving him satisfaction, giving him the reward he so richly deserves.

She grips the base of his shaft with one hand as she fondles his balls with the other, then slowly, she begins to bob up and down on his cock, her lips sliding over his hard flesh, her tongue and cheeks squeezing him.

And he wasn’t lying when he said he was nearly there: it’s not long before he’s groaning himself, making the kind of noises that fill her heart with warmth – she’s making him feel good, and it’s something she just wants to do for the rest of her days. And he’s holding her head – firmly, but not forcing her, guiding her, his breathing deepening, his groans becoming strained sighs as his climax draws near.

Then he’s coming – her own Rick – pumping his hot seed into her willing mouth, and she’s swallowing his cream, already addicted to it.

“We’ve got to be careful, though,” he says. It’s morning, though this close to Christmas it’s still dark outside, and they have to face up to reality again. “You’re still my source, remember. You can’t let anyone even suspect that.”

She nods her head, pledging secrecy.

“As a journalist, it’s my duty now to protect you, keep your identity a secret. But we can’t afford to let anything slip about this yet until we figure it out.”

“I won’t,” she says, a little worried about how their relationship might have to progress.

“We’ll give it some time,” he says, seeing in her eyes what she’s worried about. “We’ll continue like this, just enjoy what time we can get together. Then we’ll make some decisions.”

“Right,” she nods, happy he knows what she’s thinking, happy he’s thinking about it, too. But she doesn’t like that word, ‘decisions’. Despite his declaration of love last night, it hints at the possibility that he might decide his career is more important than her.

“We’re going to have to decide how to make this work,” he says. “I mean, if I have to I’ll quit my job for you, Anne.”

She grins like the Cheshire Cat and they kiss again, so soft, so sweet. He’s already decided she is more important than his career. What did she ever do to deserve him? She’s never known happiness like this. Risks or not, she’s found the one, the only, the most perfect man in the world. There is a God, and He’s shining His light on her.

Rick says, “Hey, maybe I’ll go write for a travel magazine so we can get some free trips to places.”

They’re both throwing their clothes on so they can get back to their own places to change before work. It feels a little strange putting that fancy underwear on again – it’s served its purpose, but it’s cold and damp, saturated with sex gone by.

“My God, you’re gorgeous,” he scoops her up and kisses her again, touching her breasts, running a hand back down to her pussy. “I can’t resist.”

At work, she’s exhausted and very, very happy. But she can’t show it to anyone. They might suspect.

And right now, the stakes are higher than they’ve ever been. Rick’s story made it to the front page of his paper, and all the others picked it up for the front pages of their second editions. The 24-hour news channels are providing saturation coverage and Tom is hunting for a leak in the Department.

But all Anne can think about is that it’s Friday, and when the clock strikes six she will be out of here and she’ll have the whole weekend with Rick. She feels all warm inside at the thought, while beneath her demure exterior, that low throb of arousal in her pussy just will not stop.

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