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Off Chance – Season 1 – Episode 4

Episode 4:

The Thistle, Piccadilly, he’s already booked in, it’s just a matter of getting the key and going up to the room. It’s a fairly low profile hotel opposite McDonald’s by Leicester Square. Not exactly where you’d expect a hotel, but it’s just where they need. A quick glance around as they step inside, no one seems to be watching them.

It’s a different room to the one the night before, but the décor is virtually the same. As she sees it, it only makes her more excited, bringing to the fore those burning memories of how it was, raising the strong likelihood of more of the same.

“You want a drink?” he says, there’s a bottle of chilled white on the small table by the curtained window, two glasses.

“Sure,” she says, a hit of alcohol would steady her nerves.

He pours the wine, passes her a glass.

“You’re still nervous,” he asks, noticing the slight shake of her hand.

“A little,” she admits, swallowing a small sip of the nice dry Soave. “It is cold in here, though.”

Not adding that it’s the anticipation more than anything that’s making her tremble. Perhaps worried he’s going to think she’s needy, scaring him off.

“It is, isn’t it?” he tilts her head up to his, kissing her mouth to taste the wine on her lips. “Strange for a London hotel. I’ll have to warm you up somehow.”

She smiles, and already she’s feeling warmer, the arousal burgeoning inside her.

But then her smile drops.

“Why do you want me?” she asks, serious. The questions have been bugging her all day, and she can’t take it any more. She wants certainty for the days, weeks, months ahead. She wants to know she’s not just a trivial plaything he’ll drop after –

“Because,” he says before taking a gulp of wine, setting his glass down on the table and stepping as close to her as he could. “You fascinate me. You thrill me, you amaze me, you arouse me.”

He kisses her, and it’s so right it’s frightening. Like if she loses him no man she’ll have afterwards will ever compare. His hands slipping under her jacket to hold her so tight it’s as if they’re both wearing that jacket, his tender kiss setting a benchmark for kisses – and an impossible benchmark for any other man to ever surpass.

“You’re beautiful,” he says, looking into her eyes with complete honesty glowing in his. “You’re so beautiful you make my heart miss a beat whenever I catch sight of you.” Kissing her again, his reassuring words reaching her as powerfully as his exquisite touch. “You’re the most intelligent person I’ve ever met who doesn’t know it and flaunt it. You’re so good you’re now a senior official in a government Department and you’re not even thirty. You’re so principled, you risk everything you’ve ever achieved to make sure the public finds out what the Government it elected is doing with its tax money.”

“But now I’ve given you what you need,” she says, bringing up her main concern: her part in his coverage is complete, he has no reason to stay with her. Her heart drumming until she knows his answer.

“You’ve given me what I need,” he nods, understanding her fears, not chiding her for being a sad, paranoid little girl. “But you haven’t given me what I want.”

“What do you want?”

“You,” he smiles, kisses her again, removes her jacket and drops it on the chair by the table. “I want you, as much of you as I can get for as long as I’m allowed.”

Her reaction to his request is like a depth charge has blown in her tummy – he wants her! A thousand choirs are singing sweet Hallelujah inside her as she runs her hands all over him, still kissing his mouth, her breathing uncontrolled, her blood filled with adrenaline.

He holds her head in his hands, pulling away from her to make her understand, “I’m not going to drop you now the copy’s in. It’s not exactly journalist ethics that I’m involved with a source like this, but you’re still my source. And a very valued source at that. But the fact I want you so much is almost pure coincidence. I’m not here because I’m grateful to you. I’m not here because I’m hoping you’ll let something else slip. I’m not trying to seduce you into revealing more Government secrets. I’m here because you’re the most incredible woman I’ve ever met and I am completely and utterly obsessed with you.”

She’s speechless. Her mouth is open, her eyes wide, but she doesn’t know what to say. It’s like a dream. It’s like the culmination of all her wishes she’s ever had. It makes all those romance novels she’s read over the years seem like real-life accounts preparing her for this moment. Or, it’s like candid camera and she’s being set up, filmed, primed for a fall. But strangely for her, it’s more likely to be real, he’s here, he’s hers and she’s his.

“Okay,” she says with a mischievous grin all of a sudden, “you pass.”

He smiles too, and the serious moment is passed, they both know where they stand.

“What do I get for passing?” he asks.

“How about a nice wet pussy?” she replies audaciously, loving how she can be with him.

“Mmm…” he purrs. “Then it’s high time I claimed my prize.”

He unfastens the buttons on her blouse slowly and then simply allows the garment fall. She’s wearing a teddy underneath, black, lace, expensive, new. He doesn’t react, leaving her to wonder what he’s thinking, but kneels in front of her like a faithful worshipper, then reaches round to unzip her skirt and release it from her hips.

For a moment, which seems like an age, she’s standing there feeling suddenly exposed, and Rick is silent. She has goose bumps, she shivers a little. She’s suddenly more than a little self-conscious. What if he thinks she’s a slut in that outfit? It is only their second time together. Her damp underwear feels cold against her crotch now, the air getting to it. His face is just inches from her pussy. Does he like it any more? Does he like her any more, now she’s fully revealed? What if he’s reconsidering? She’s not exactly a Playboy Playmate – her breasts are too small, her legs are too short, her –

“You’re so beautiful,” he breathes reverently, his eyes running up and down her body before latching onto hers as she looks down upon him, smiling but with a hint of sadness in her eye.

“What’s wrong?” he asks, kissing her skin with his gentle mouth, just beside her soaking crotch.

“I’m afraid,” she says, not wanting to spoil things but feeling such strong emotions she cannot contain herself. . “Afraid?” he is a little confused, he scratches his head. “Afraid of me?”

“Afraid of losing you.” She says. She’s worried he’s going to think she’s some kind of desperate needy type now, what’s to marry him already, wants his kids, a signature in blood on a marriage register. Maybe he’ll get scared, run away.

Why do good things in life have to come alongside bad things? A person feels good, there are bad feelings to go with it. A person has what they want, they have a lot to lose. Someone who goes without doesn’t suffer the bad times, though they don’t get the good.

She feels she has everything in this man, Rick, but now she has everything to lose. Love, she can feel that whether she believes in it at first sight or not, but now she has pain too. What if he doesn’t feel the same way? Perhaps she should shut up. She’s spoiling things. He’ll leave.

He kisses her again delicately in the same place, and her pussy stirs in response as though it is telling her to shut her mouth and quit ruining things. Her pussy wants his attention, it doesn’t want her scaring him off with her whining desperation.

But he’s not scared off. Slowly, he rises to his feet and brushes her hair away from her face and then sweeps the tears from her cheek before gently taking her head in his hands.

“You’re not going to lose me,” he says softly, those warm, calm eyes on hers. He kisses her and adds, “If I believed in love at first sight, I’d tell you right now that I love you.”

“So you don’t believe love at first sight could ever happen?”

“No, I do,” he kisses her and smiles. “But I didn’t want to scare you off.”

His smile is infectious, but it’s not just his smile that ignites fireworks inside her, that fills her heart with warmth and energy. She feels drunk all of a sudden, intoxicated by what is happening to her.

“You can’t scare me off that easily,” she whispers.

“Then I’ll tell you,” he says, and she catches her breath. “Anne, I love you. With everything that I am, I love you, with everything I could be, I love you. I’d do anything for you, anything.”

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