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Off Chance – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 5]

Off Chance

Off Chance

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Story Title: Off Chance

Episodes: 5

Category: Erotic

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“How would you do that?” she asks him in dismay, still short of breath as she extends her neck somewhat to look over her shoulder at him. “How could you cause me to feel like that?”

“You move me,” he answers delicately, grinning up at her however she can’t see him appropriately where he is between her thighs.

Episode 1:

His hot mouth on her pussy once more, however she’s just barely come that way as of now, her back angling, her behind pushed high to permit access. The expression all over one of shock, an articulation causing her to appear to be some way or another defenseless, those totally open eyes, that shaking base lip, maybe on the grounds that she’s opening up for once, allowing her guard down with this man, the first run through she’s done as such for such a long time she can’t recollect.

“My God,” she murmurs, not, at this point conscious like she was the point at which she initially remained before him, what might have been several hours or more, when she dropped her panties to her ankles, shaking like she was hooked up to the mains, she was so nervous.

Now she cannot speak at all, it’s just breathing and even that is difficult with the pulsating energy surging through her veins from his velvet touch, the heat of his face pressed so tight against her most receptive areas. The shock of another person in such intimate contact with her most private region has dissipated but it was never completely vanquished, especially in so unusual a position as this.

The air is heady with the thick scent of her ripe sex, but with his tongue so tantalising on her clit, she no longer has any fears over whether he likes it. The kind of noises he is making down there are enough to calm her in that respect, the affectionate coaxing as he holds her behind with those strong hands reveal his comfort at being there, strange as it may seem to her. Men never used to be this way, did they?

The sound of his soft arms sliding over her thighs like the sound of silk sheets being shaken out in the gentle summer breeze. She moves a little, changing position slightly, her body twisting, her hips swivelling though careful to avoid closing herself off to him. Lying on her side now, or at least below the waist, her upper half remaining so her breasts hang under her, her elbows pressing into the mattress.

It’s such a lewd act, for a girl who has taken such pains to maintain real dignity in public since university. So dirty. His tongue teasing out the most incredible sensations from her pussy, his lips grazing her labia, his smouldering mouth so hot, so perfect. She grips the pillow as her second orgasm of the night approaches, her knuckles white in the warm, dim light of the bedside lamp.

She moans quietly, again and again, but sounding somehow unsure, like she’s forgotten how to moan like that, unused to having to moan like that. Her face twisted by bliss and confusion – affected by the unbelievable power of his touch, but also by the questions racing through her mind – how could anyone make her feel this way? How can someone, virtually a stranger, make her feel ten times better than she’s ever even made herself feel? It seems impossible, absurd. But it’s happening.

Has he been with many women? Is she now just one in a long line, one he may not even remember this time next year?

Oh, but what does it matter? He’s eating her pussy, something she’s only ever read about before, an almost mythical experience that’s come explosively true. Is he just doing it to win her? Is it going to stop if she gets involved with him? Worse, is he only with her because she is a good contact, someone who has tipped him off occasionally over the past weeks and now with a new position in the civil service has some extremely interesting information at hand?

Oh, but right now thoughts like those don’t matter, she is overwhelmed by the awesome force rippling through her vagina, her clitoris.

Now something new, a finger at the entrance to her pussy, then slipping smoothly inside her, squeezing between her labia, gliding so easily inside, she’s so wet. Penetrating her, the first penetration since she doesn’t know when, such an unusual sensation on the scale of things but so blissfully welcome as his wonderful mouth focuses on her clit, driving her ever onwards to the roof of the sensual world.

Right now she’d tell him whatever he wanted to know, however deep a secret it was for the government. She’d promise her soul to him in return for more of this, the first total satisfaction for so long.

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