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Obiageli – Season 3 – Episode 8

Uche and his wife had their very first fight that morning, she had cried throughout the night and confronted him the next day, when he hadn’t given her any positive response, she went inside to pack her things, he stood up from the stool he had been sitting on outside

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“I have to my father’s house, this marriage was never mearnt to be I have seen it”

“Look Ego I don’t know what is wrong with you this morning, you better go inside” he said sitting back down

“You love her….you do not love me..” she said in tears “I was so blind to think you would after we marry, but am just being an obstacle”

“Stop it Ego, what are you talking about, are you even listening to yourself, Obiageli is dead, me calling her at night does not mean anything” he said

She cleaned her eyes with the back of her hand “I’m going to my father, I need to see my father”

“What are you seeing him for, come bring that bag” he said going close to her

“Are you not seeing that I am a laughing stock?”she asked in tears” why you treating me like this?”she asked since he was finally listening to her

“How am I treating you, are you the only woman in this village?”he asked hands akimbo

“I’ve been called barren by everyone”

“But you know you are not barren, its too early for this” he sat back down

“What have I done to you eh, that you would detest me so, tell me and I will apologise…..I try to be attractive to you but you don’t see me, you’ve been treating me like this since we got married”

Uche stood up” Okay, you want to go abi, go and tell your father, tell the whole village, that I’ve not been touching you, why are you always asking me for it, is that the only reason you married me, you’re here crying like a girl”

“Uche I’m a girl”

“Yes you are, cos a woman would understand when a man is going through a traumatic experience and his mind is on anything else but his breeding organ”

“I’m your wife, whether you like or not Uche I am, I need to get pregnant and bare children”

“Get inside Ego, I am hungry” he said in dismissal.

She went in and cooked breakfast but it was when he returned from where he had gone that he realised the consequences of his actions, she didn’t return that day or the next.

He strolled to Kelechi’s compound thankful he was at home sharpening his cutlass in front of his house, Kelechi looked up and was shocked at Uche’s drawn expression

” what is it Uche?’

“Disaster….Ego is gone, please give me one keg of palmwine please and come and follow me”

Kelechi was shocked “What happened? “he asked as he went inside to get it” I’m not your family ”

“My father is ill, Ekene is not around”

As they walked towards Ego’s father’s house, kelechi asked “is this your first fight?”

“It is…it wasn’t even a quarrel, I don’t know why she left”

There was a silence before kelechi said

“Disadvantage of marrying from your village”.

They got there and waited in her father’s obi, Mazi Ikenga took his time in coming out, he was a short, stout man who was in his late sixties, the two young men stood up, Mazi Ikenga’s eyes fixed on Uche, he finally sat down tapping his foot, Uche stared at him and knew Ego had fed him with lies.

He presented the palmwine and begged for his wife who he knew was behind the obi listening, Mazi Ikenga finally cleared his throat and spoke

” Uchenna, I don’t like what I am hearing”Mazi Ikenga began, he was silent as Uche waited glancing at Kelechi “when I gave my daughter to you, I gave her on a platter with all my heart, but you’ve not been treating her well, its no surprise I have no grandchild yet from my only daughter know she’s my Ada, my gold, now tell me, isn’t she beautiful enough, hasn’t she been a good wife” he asked, Uche cleaned his sweaty palms on his wrapper eyes on the floor, when he realised Mazi Ikenga had finished, he glanced at Kelechi who nodded

“I am very sorry Mazi…it would never happen again”

“I know your father to be very responsible that is why I gave you my daughter” he continued, and for two hours Uche sat listening to his advice and talk on marriage, including sex, Uche couldn’t believe she had told him. He finally called in Ego who came in and knelt in front of her father and her father also advised her on some things before she was told to go back to her husband’s house.

“I’m sorry” Uche told her when they were alone on the way back to the house, she smiled and nodded.

Uche switched back to his bad behavior in no time and this time when Ego left again, a council of elders consisting of Uche’s family and her’s were called.

. His father who had been hearing of their quarrels was frustrated

“The issue at hand doesn’t call for kolanuts, it is a serious matter” Mazi Ikenga said stamping his walking stick on the ground, Mazi Ozor cleared his throat

“My in-laws I greet you, it is not a thing of great joy to carry out a meeting of this kind..”he began but Mazi Ikenga had stood up

“I gave my daughter to you and you maltreat her, she told me how days ago he beat her up”, Uche gaped

“I live in the same compound, my brother has never beaten his wife” Ekene said surprised Ego would go to that length, Uche just tapped his foot in silence

“Apart from that he is cheating on my daughter with another woman”

“Did you see them doing it?” an elder from Uche’s side asked

“Uche is entitled to as many women as he wants”Mazi Ozor said

“Mazi you shouldn’t believe all that your daughter tells you” another of his uncles said

“Plus the issue that she is yet to get an issue”an elder from her side said

Uche just shut his eyes to the talk not believing his family issues had come to this point

“We cannot come here to settle their disputes ,they are not the only couple in this village”

“We are talking about my daughter here, my only daughter”.

” She is not the only one that is married, she cannot keep running to her father’s house, if he wants to take a second wife he is free to do so”an elder who has been quiet said

“He has refused to say who the woman is”her eldest brother said

” Let’s all calm down and talk like men, we would give them time to go home and talk it out with themselves and six months for him to get her pregnant, then we can decide if to take back our daughter” the oldest amongst them said.

“Three months Uchenna, Three months” Mazi Ikenga said

“Consider yourself warned” her eldest brother said.

They went back to their house and things returned back to normal

“What would you eat this evening?” she asked, he replied that he wanted porridge yam and she went about it.

“I ll have my bath now” he said later

The next day she tried to talk”Nkem I’m sorry for what happened, please let’s not quarell again”she began

“I didn’t quarell with you, you were the one who was jealous of a dead woman”he replied” and lied about me beating you”

“I’m sorry for reporting, it won’t happen again”she said and leaned to kiss him, he responded after a time pulling her to him.

” I love you Uche”she said” I love you very much”.

They made love that night.

*Is Uche finally settled in his family, what happened to Obiageli?

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