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Obiageli – Season 3 – Episode 7

“Co-mate please let me borrow some hot coal” Ego said as she went to Chioma’s side of the house, Chioma stood making her daughters hair, Chioma waved her hand over to the still glowing hearth she had just used.

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. Ego went to the kitchen to take it as Chioma watched her wondering why she had not taken in by now, if she was barren . It was a speculation around the whole village that she was, she hadn’t even had a single issue and its been four years. She was lucky though because Uche was not likely to put her away or marry another wife like his brother was planning to do, hissing she continued her plaiting. She and Ekene had been having issues lately and she wasn’t surprised he wanted to take another wife, the other day he was beating her.

Ego walked back towards her side of the compound and burst into smiles when she saw her friend Ugonma come into the compound

” Oh baby”Ugonma said
“Nwam…long time” she said as she went into the kitchen to put in the coals before turning to hug her friend
“Long time indeed, I just saw you two weeks ago”Ugonma said
“I know, but I get bored in this house”
“Bored, how can you be bored in your own husband’s house” Ugo said sitting down “where is he even? “.

” He went out to sell his catch”

“Okay…so when is our baby coming?” she asked looking at Ego’s stomach which was still very flat, Ugonma had always been known to be very blunt.

Ego wasn’t surprised, that was what everyone seemed to be interested in these days, she looked away and busied around the kitchen

“Ego what is it?’

” Nothing”

“You know I know you too well….what is wrong, tell me?”Ugonma insisted

Ego sat down with her, Ugonma was her bosom friend and she hadn’t told anyone till now about her marriage because she wanted them to think she had the perfect marriage with Uche she had always dreamt about, she hadn’t even told her family anything because she wanted to believe Uche would love her someday, but it wasn’t looking likely… and she just had to talk to somebody

“He doesn’t touch me'” she said plainly looking down

“What to you mean he doesn’t touch you?”Ugonma asked

“For about a year now I can count the number of times..

. he avoids me like a plague…I don’t know what to do”

“What is wrong with him?”

“I don’t know”

“Is there another woman?”

“How should I know, he hardly even talks to me, if he wants to marry another wife, I have no problem with it but he ignores me” Ego burst into tears cleaning her face with her wrapper

“I don’t believe it, so that is why you have not conceived”Ugonma said angry “eheh hia, there is nothing about you that is not attractive, there surely is another woman”

Ego sighed “Maybe there is but I don’t even know her”

Ugonma sighed then leaned to her looking around “we need to consult a Dibia”she said

“A Dibia, what possibly can he do?”it was a simple matter

“To get love portion of course, you need to use a love portion on him”

” Love portion?, nooo…he’ll change”she knew how these things worked and they usually had side effects,

“He won’t o, that’s how men are, you need a special touch sometime”

Ego was still not comfortable “its just a simple matter”, she said

“Eheh okay…well let’s find out who the woman is now, maybe we can take it from there” Ugonma said to her, Ego nodded. After putting off the fire, Ego went to collect money then followed her friend to a said Dibia she knew.

The man didn’t waste time with them

” There is a woman”he said, Ugonma pinched her in a ‘I told you so’ fashion “but she’s very dangerous”he looked up

“Who’s she?”Ego asked

” you would have to ask your husband”he said, Ego stared at him, she knew she would’nt be able to do that

“Hmm..they have a strong bond, can’t be broken” he comtinued looking at his cowries, they looked at each other

“You mean you can’t give us a love portion?”Ugonma asked, and pinched Ego to be calm” we need something to make him love my friend”

Ego looked at her, she didn’t want that, but turned to hear what the Dibia would say

The Dibia sprayed water on the cowries and watched it, then chuckled

” no…there’s no love portion that can work on him”he said.

The women were sent on their way feeling more confused than when they had left the house

“At least we know there’s a woman” Ugonma said

“But who could she be..I’ve not seen him with any one” Ego wondered

“Tomorrow we’ll go to another Dibia, maybe he would explain better”Ugonma said. Ego went back to her house thinking.

She discovered Uche had returned because he stood outside

“Nkem I went….”

“Come inside..” he sai while Ego wondered, after she got into the hut with him

“Why is there no food to eat?”he asked sitting on the bed

“Eh, I was about cooking friend came and I thought.. thought you would eat outside”

Uche gaped at her “what do you mean I ll eat outside, why would I eat outside when I have a wife?”he barked standing up so she feared a beating.

“I ll prepare something”she said moving out of the hut towards the kitchen, she didn’t know what his problem was, why was he shouting at her, she knew she couldn’t take more of this treatment, she had to tell her family. She went into the kitchen to prepare something.

That night she laid down to sleep but found it difficult to, why with the many thoughts plaguing her mind, Uche had long slept off, she finally drifted off to sleep but woke up to movements on the bed, Uche was turning like he was having a dream, he murmured something and she tried to listen

” Obiageli.. “he said, there was a silence then ” Oby..” he said again

Obiageli?…She wondered, Obiageli was long dead, she sat up staring at him, as he sweated like he was in a deep sleep

” Obiageli” he said again holding on to his pillow, she stared at him shocked.

*what do you think would happen next?

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