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Obiageli – Season 3 – Episode 10

When Uche understood beauty, he found another word for it.

It was just like this the first time Obiageli showed him a glimpse of her world, the night he had called out her name in his sleep. She had taken him down beyond the fishes to a city under water he never knew existed.

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. Uche drifted now towards the kingdom and saw guards at the gate which was taller than anything he had ever seen . They were stone faced men holding long staffs, they blocked the gate at his approach and asked his business

“I have come to see the Queen” he replied”I bear a message “, they looked at each other as one swam towards and around him, sniffed him then nodded to the other guards to open the gate, Uche drifted passed and it was shut. He turned and looked at the beautiful city before him, it was just as it was the first time he had seen it, the walls and floors were made of gold, everything was glittering , Uche didn’t think any city on earth was as beautiful as it was…it was magical. He heard laughter as he saw children go pass him , women and men turned to look at him as he passed….two women were spinning silk eyes on him, he looked away from them as a face suddenly appeared in the air before him, it was a face of a man who stared at him with cold emotionless eyes and as Uche stared back in return, he disappeared into thin air.

He saw a castle and knew that was the palace, he made his way towards it and as he got close

” What message do you have from the gods Agunwan?” he heard suddenly and looked around, it was like thunder, and at the same time sonorous, sweet and seductive

. He knew it was the Queen Mother when he was allowed in easily into the throne room. He looked around in awe before he walked towards a woman sitting on a throne, eyes fixed on him.

She was beautiful, with silver eyes and a lot of hair, the silver crown on her head confirmed who she was, the maids who had been brushing her long hair were waved off as he came close. One smiled at him as she walked away, was everything here beautiful?….he looked at the Queen whose eyes were still focused on him

“Y…you know me?”he asked

She laughed and stood up, even her laughter was sweet

“We watch you…especially since you always with our princess” she said walking towards a mirror, which showed his compound, people were crying that he was dead…

“So what have you come for this time?”she asked

He looked back at her”This time?”

She looked at him “you’re the 32nd son of your father Amadioha” she said

“What..” , he said incredulously, he knew coming from her though he now had to believe it

“Once in a while your father sends one of you into the world to live as a human, he takes away your powers, everything..including your knowledge of it ” she said and as he gaped, she continued like it was a normal tale “you like animals don’t you, the last one liked women, it was his downfall”

“What happened to him?”

“He died” A man said strolling in with all his regalia, the guards bowed, Uche discovered it was the man he had seen while coming. He had long hair with a comely face if you remove the stone cold green piercing eyes. His body was slim and his robe flowed behind him….was this …..Napsi?

“What is he doing here Mother?” The man asked

“Come on Napsi you should be more welcoming”

“We do not have an amity with the gods to visit as we please” he said acidly then looked at Uche “I know why you’re here” his eyes were cold and bottomless”I should have killed you a long time ago but you’re a god”he said and psst

“I asked him to come” Uche suddenly heard as Obiageli walked in, she was on all white with dark flowing hair, Uche thought she was more beautiful than she was on earth if that were possible, she went and sat beside her mother, Napsi rolled his eyes

“Of course, this is the man she has been fraternizing with” he said with distaste

“I can do as I please Napsi, you do not own me” she said

“Valeria” the Queen began”you have been bethrothed to Napsi since you were a baby, he’s by all means your husband ”

“She should have a say and shouldn’t be forced to marry just any man” Uche chirped in, Napsi chuckled and strolled towards him in a glare

“You think you can come to my kingdom and take my woman”he said

“I’d offer you one of my maids if you please Agunwan, Valeria is to be married tonight”The Queen said in appeasement

“I have come for her and only her” Uche said and he looked back at Napsi who glared at him

“Psst, what are you going to do…fight me?”

“If I must” Uche replied turning fully to him

Napsi laughed “Only a fool would loose his life over a woman… one has ever defeated me Agunwan, I’d like to see you try it”

“Because you haven’t met the right opponent, you couldn’t even face me the first time”he said, the snake he had sent had struck from behind

Napsi walked around him

” Because I am very patient “he said”..I knew you’d come to me, to my kingdom, where I could kill you with a mere snap of my finger….let’s see if you’re as powerful as they claim “he said with venom in his eyes, his tongue coming out in a hiss like a snake” oh I remember…you don’t have any powers”he cackled

Obiageli stood up “Mother..stop this”

“No..let them fight..whoever wins gets the kingdom ….and the throne “she said raising her voice

” He can’t rule in my place”Napsi said

​​​​”Are you scared I’ll win”Uche said, he had defeated him the first time when he had come in form of a dog

“I renounce my position” Obiageli suddenly said standing up, she walked towards Uche, she knew if they were allowed to fight Uche would be defeated, she had seen Napsi in action and this was their world

“You can have the throne Napsi” she said, “that’s the only reason you want to marry me ”

“Oh don’t be stupid”Napsi said glaring at her

“I choose him Mother… I want to marry him” she said holding onto Uche and facing her mother

“Valeria…..he’s not going to stay here”she said

“I would..” Uche said, discovering he wouldn’t rather be anywhere else”This is what I was created for…”he said “..I was born for this” Obiageli looked at him and smiled

​​​​​​The Queen stared at them”You sure about this…you know what it means ..” she said, When Uche didn’t reply, she glanced down”..I’m sure we can make an exception… you both can be married today”she said and leaned back on her chair

“Mother…” Napsi called in shock

“Napsi, you’re as viscious as your father was, I don’t want to cause a war between our worlds by allowing you to kill him, you can have the throne and get any woman of your choosing” she looked at the couple done with Napsi who glared”how soon can you bring me children? ”

They looked at her”we can bear children? ”

“As many as you want”she replied

Napsi walked out angrily with his guards following, Uche took Obiageli in his arms not believing he had her at last

“I can’t believe you came for me” she said looking up at him “what about Ego?” she asked

He pulled back her hair”I love you Obiageli…in life and in death….I told you I couldn’t live without you, there is no other woman for me”.he said

She chuckled as they walked out together

” I have a secret to tell you”she said


“I didn’t come to play…I was looking for a nice , young, handsome god to deliver me from Napsi”

He chuckled as he smiled and pulling her to him, took her lips in his

“I sure as hell did”

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