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Nora – Season 3 – Episode 23 [Completed]

”wow I can’t believe u came back,”Freddie said and hugged her,she looked at Freddie weirdly and said ”i don’t know wat u re talking about,but u re freddie right,”she asked while Freddie nodded ”and u re Chad,”she asked while Chad nodded,the boys looked at each other then looked at her, ”how did u know our names,”Chad asked ”i don’t know,I felt like I do,and also freddie u re the one who answers the questions everyday in class,I have been watching u,”she said and smiled and her dimple appeared, ”but this is my first time of seeing u in this class,”Freddie said ”oh really”,she replied ”yes,”Freddie added ”ok then see u around,”she said grabbing her bag from the chair,Freddie didn’t want her to go, his heart started to beat,she just found Nora and she is about to leave again,as she started walking away, freddie quickly ran up to her and held her hand, ”pls wat is ur name,” ”my name is jinora,”she said and smiled, ”nora..I mean jinora,can we hang out together sometimes,Freddie said and stared at her in her light brown eyes,she began to smile and said ”sure when? ”how about tomorrow,”freddie said and she nodded and said ”see u tomorrow then,Freddie,” Freddie felt like hugging her but he stood his ground and let her go, ”i can’t believe it mehn, she looked so much like Nora,or is it that she came back for me,”Freddie said to Chad, and they went home, freddie and Chad were room mate, during night time Freddie and Chad laid on their different bed gisting before freddie finally falls asleep,Freddie had a dream he saw Nora smiling with her long black hair,she was wearing wat jinora wore today,a plain yellow dress, ”nora,”Freddie. surprisingly called, ”freddie,”Nora called happily as her voice echoed ”i came back for u Freddie,I am jinora,”Nora said and kissed freddie before disappearing,and he woke up, the next day freddie and Chad went to class early, during afternoon freddie met jinora outside the campus and jinora felt happy seeing him that he quickly kissed him,she backed away and gasped ”omg,I am sorry,I don’t know I am feeling like I know u before, like we had a thing before,”she said and shyly smiled.. ”we have jinora,and we did have a thing and guess wat,”Freddie said and cupped her cheek ”what?she said smiling ”i love u,”Freddie said while jinora smiled even more, ”i love u too freddie,”jinora said and they both kissed, ..after everything Freddie and jinora later got married, …. u see guys when there is love there is life.????

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