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Nora – Season 3 – Episode 22

u re now free Freddie,we have loose our bonding,and u have thirty seconds to leave the ocean or else u will run out of oxygen,I will be back freddie I promise u that,even in my next world I will always love u,”Nora said and immediately vanished,Freddie felt a lump in his throat he wanted to cry but held back the tears,…. lynn,Chad and the rest of the students chats among themselves, because Chad told them all wat had happened,why freddie had to fight and all the students yanked at Lynn for being so stupid and they all had no choice than to have sympathy for freddie and Nora, ”oh my goodness,it’s freddie,”Chad yelled and immediately they all moved closer and saw Freddie coming out of the water looking tired and weak, ”re u ok,”Chad asked, ”wat happened down there,”another person asked, ”where is Nora,”Chad asked ”nora is gone, like dead,”Freddie said bitterly and they all gasped, ”they are all gone,”Freddie added and stared to shed tears, ”dont worry freddie everything is going to be fine,”a girl called Lauren said and Freddie looked at her in a way Chad understood and Chad whispered to him that he has already told them everything, ”freddie I just wanted to tell u that I am sorry for everything,”Lynn said sadly while freddie said, ”its ok everything is back to normal now,”..Freddie went home that day he wasn’t himself,he failed to eat dinner and went to bed sadly,….. two years later,Freddie and Chad has finally gotten admission to college,in the same place actually,when freddie had to leave his home,his mother cried her eyes out before letting freddie go.

Freddie got up tiredly from his bed,and when he glance at the time,he eyes grew wider, 8:30am ”ah geez,I’m late,”he said and looked over the bed and couldn’t find Chad,that means he left already,he dashed at the shower,he quickly wore his cloth and grabbed his bag,Freddie walked very fast to class,he quickly stopped at a coffee shop and bought a cup of coffee and finally got to class,as he entered the class the professor has already started teaching,the whole seat was occupied,no where for freddie to seat,so he spotted an empty chair at the back beside the window and also which was beside a girl with a short blonde hair,he walked silently to the chair and sat down,he unzipped his bag but his elbow mistakenly touches the blonde girl waist, ”am sorry,”Freddie suddenly said and face his bag again which seemed too hard to unzipped, ”it ok,” the girl said and faces her book, ”and that’s the end of today lesson,”the professor announced and grabbed his lesson note before leaving the class, ”d–n it,”Freddie said angrily and threw his bag on the floor,Chad stood up from his seat and he and freddie made eye contact and Chad started to park his note to catch up with freddie, ”u know u should have made it here early if u wanted to learn but don’t worry I can borrow u my lesson note,” the girl next to freddie said staring at freddie, ”no thanks I will collect from my friend,” Freddie said and pack up his bag standing up,the girl stood up too with her books in his hand,Freddie turned to the girl and almost passed out when he saw Nora in the girl,she was completely nora, nor..nor..nor.,”he couldn’t even talk but trembling staring at her from hair to toe,she looks so much like Nora but she was a bit taller than Nora. ”re u ok,” the girl asked, …Chad walked up to them, ”hey bro,”Chad said and tapped Freddie, Freddie looked at him and then looked at the girl and arched an eyebrow.

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