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Nora – Season 3 – Episode 21

dont listen to them Freddie,just do it,”Nora said already crying and lying helplessly on the floor, ”what!but if I break the pearl u will die and I too,”Freddie said to Nora while Nika nodded in agreement, ”put that down now,” the queen yelled ”i don’t care if we all die,we are all bad,so we deserve death,so am begging u Freddie,just do it,”Nora cried, ”but I am going to die too,”Freddie panicked “no u re not going to die,”Nora said ”yes u re going to die,”the queen said trying to persuade Freddie but Freddie was still confused not knowing wat to do,he has just started to love nora and she is going to die if he break the pearl,he began to shed tears,and as he weakly held the pearl,the queen raise her trigent ready to used it on freddie, ”freddie do it now,’nora yelled and with anger,hatred, shock and sadness Freddie left go off the pearl and it fell to the ground and shattered to pieces, and suddenly the glowness of the pearl died,..”nooo..”,the queen cried but it was too late,she started to feel weak and suddenly she fell to the ground and so did the other sirens and all of them immediately turned to mist before vanishing,Freddie quickly ran to Nora because he knows she will be gone soon, ”nora I am sorry,”Freddie said and started to cry,he knelt before Nora and placed her head on his thigh,her tail has started to become translucent ”no it’s ok,it was wat I wanted,”Nora said weakly and tries to smile, ”u know I have never told u how beautiful u look,”Freddie said and Nora couldn’t help it but shed tears, ”i love u Freddie,I have always do,”Nora said and freddie held himself from crying, Nora body started to become translucent like her tail,and she sighed and said, ”if I disappeared,u will too,so go out there freddie,u have family and friends,so kiss me it will help,” Nora said and slowly freddie kissed her, immediately freddie disengage from the kiss,he felt empty, ”u re free now freddie.

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